A fine start to my BigChurch.com blog

so as i said, i was in BigChurch.com for a couple years. for many months originally i was in there pretty regularly then over the last 1.5 years only sporadically as my real life picked up steam. then a few weeks ago i went back in more regularly and started a blog to continue my relationship with ideas and folks in there. i also wanted to discuss sexuality with other young women from the point of view of what i’d learned.

bad idea. at least it seemed initially.

here was the first response to my first blog posting that i copied into my previous post here. i’ve got some more comments after it.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

The Lord calls sex outside of marriage an abomination…in others words I’m sorry for where you’ll be going if you don’t turn from your sinful ways.

Why do people call themselves Christian while they continue to sin.

Thats like slapping Christ in the face.

i totally know where this guy is coming from. people from conservative churches have been spouting this for some time now it seems.

this post is indicative of lots of stuff i got in response to beginning my blog and to my presence in chatrooms ever since i entered that site.

the thing about the breadth of Christianity, though, is that not all churches are so conservative. these bible-believing folks believe all other Christians aren't really Christians. the churches that welcome homosexuals aren't churches. and people who don't agree with them are simply burning in hell.

in touch,


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