And then some ambiguity…

after the post with all the honesty, someone else tossed a comment in. my comments follow it.

Woo! I was hoping i was reading this wrong and actually it is ashame I read it at all. How sad, and I hope nobody takes your advice. May the lord open your eyes, it breaks my heart when people are deceived. Yes God is Good, but His word is very clear.May you truly come to know Him, May he reveal and touch your life.

i wasn’t sure if she was saying she hoped she was reading my post wrong or hoping she read the comment full of honesty incorrectly.

judging by the remainder of her comment i think she was dismayd at me.

in response, i gotta say this. i know God. God is awesome. He loves me tons. he respects me and honours me as his creation and i honour him. i clearly don’t agree with this person’s sense of sex, but in her eyes, that makes me blind.

how sad. again, this brings me to another reference to this reverent agnosticism idea. more on that later.

in touch,


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