Why this blog?

happy valentines day!

this blog is the evolution of the last couple years of my life as a single Christian girl, particularly my time in the website BigChurch.com, which is a fascinatingly strange place.

i went in there as i was becoming increasingly disillusioned with my church and its anti-woman, sexually oppressive stance. duh. sexual liberation and the related mental health that comes from that seems kinda opposite to traditional christianity. i went into that website to begin, in an anonymous way, to discuss sexual liberation. i was met mostly with church lady hostility, some frank and meaningful conversation with men and women, and strangely more than a few men in their 40s cruising for me.

so this blog is a place for my stories from that site and the things i’ve learned from it and other experiences. my travels took me from my hometown of Penticton, BC to Vancouver [UBC, ugh] to another ville-de-higher-learning in western Canada.

here’s what i wrote when i started a blog in BigChurch.com a few weeks ago, a blog that got tons of flack. you can read it and its comments without logging in if you click on that link a couple lines up.

well, i’m no longer in greater penticton. in the last couple years i’ve been to UBC and now i’m at another institution of higher learning [and tuition gouging] in western Canada. not saying where.

i’ve had a good time on this site and in real life hanging out with non-christians [learning how to appreciate micro-brew beers] and christians [some of whom appreciate micro-brews too, good on ya]. Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship and a couple other Chrstian groups and a borderline cult [i think] have been interesting places to chill.

and it’s interesting how much sex goes on in Christian clubs. sex of all kinds. and lots of no-sex frustration in dating and relationships. and then there’s the gringding, dry humping, petting, minor masturbation and oral sex that surround dating in and around Christian clubs.

at any rate, life is good, the Lord is good to me and my body is a temple. it’s important to enjoy it!

so girls, let’s go! keep it real and don’t censor yourself. it stunts you and keeps you from honesty. woo-hoo!

in touch,


One Response

  1. Imagine there’s a lot of sex going on in dating amongst Christians.

    Many Christian women try to keep “some” sense of modesty by remaining “technical” virgins. Yes, they haven’t let their guy enter and make love to them — yet — but surely aren’t “innocent” as they’ve let their guys eat them and they’ve made love with their mouthes to their guys’ hungry cocks.

    Imagine they lose much innocence with each thrust their guys make rubbing their penises between their thighs, or moving it up perilously against their virgin and chaste labias, which by then are likely very wet and just ready (and willing) to be popped by the right Christian guy… 🙂

    Wonder what the Christian girl thinks when she sees her BF shoot his cum onto her tummy. Some of it likely lands on her hairy bush, which he proceeds to suck some more giving her intense sexual pleasure and dreaming he could one day fuck her…

    All the foreplay and sexual “education” and things she learned about her body and her BF’s penis which she now knows very intimately, having caressed and sucked it to cumming, gets to be too much and eventually builds her desire.
    Either with this boyfriend or another in the future, she gives-in to her passions and decides to make love.
    She’s not really “that innocent” anymore anyway, and what is the one remaining step of allowing his penis into her?

    While thrusting up against her labia, like before, while kissing her passionately, he maneuvers his Christian cock into the entrance of her virgin pussy.

    She doesn’t stop him and just lays there and lets it happen, knowing it is inevitable she lose her virginity.

    As he prepares to enter and put his hungry cock into the outer areas of her virgin pussy, she actually opens her legs wider, giving hiim clear signs she wants him. She’s a shy Christian girl, of course, but has sexual desires.

    He goes in, but as she’s a virgin Christian girl, enters slowly and just touches her holy hymen.
    He’s a gentleman, after all, and doesn’t want to make it all about him.

    As his forehead is perilously against her hymen, she realizes what is happening and raises unexpectantly raises her abdomen up slightly, moving her vagina closer to him and allowing his penis to puncture her, forever ending her Christian virginity.

    He pushes in deeper and fucks the life out of the Christian girl.
    She accomodates him by rocking her pelvis, matching his movements and becoming subservient to his unprotected penis like a good Christian woman should….

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