Reverent Agnosticism

it’s important to take the plank out of our eyes before criticizing the speck in someone else’s.

this message is lost…or at best i think de-prioritized…by fundamentalist Christians.

they go around judging because more important verses in the bible tell them to fix the world and make it in there image, which they believe is Jesus’ image.

the theocracy that that Bush guy in the USA is pushing is just that kinda thing. it’s all about what he believes. other opinions and facts that don’t fit his view don’t matter. Iraq had WMDs? sure they did cuz he believes it to be so. screw the facts. they’re in charge so they must be right.

the Christians i can tolerate best are not those who go around with the church lady frown condemning everyone and changing everyone. even though they’re full of sin too.

MY priorities make it important to love people first, not judge them.

now, i haven’t read too much on reverent agnosticism, but i have heard some things on it. i heard it’s a kinda humanist anti-religion thing. but i’m not sure about that. the best i’ve heard of it came from the organist at a church i was at in Vancouver for a while before their sexist views drove me away.

he said reverent agnosticism is something Christians can hold along with their faith in Jesus. it’s a kinda humility position where we do our best to understand the bible as best we can and pick our denomination and all that. but at the same time as being reverent as best we can, we should not be so certain as to say that we’re right and all other denominations or even religions are wrong.

like, believe in what i believe, but hold open the possibility that when i die, Jesus will mention that i wasn’t totally right.

after all, how likely is it for any one religion to have totally got it right when the similar or far away denominations are so wrong. it’s an imperfect world and it’s hard to see that any one faith is exactly correct.

to believe so, you might as well be President George W Bush where you get to make up whatever you want cuz God put you in charge of all those nukes.

gimme a break!

in touch,


5 Responses

  1. well, i posted this post in

    i’m looking forward to seeing what kinda reaction i get from those more “bible-believing” than me.

    i’m hoping that amidst those praying for my soul will be people interested to actually discuss the ideas in the post.

    well see.

    in touch,

  2. Bravo!

  3. well thanks again!

    i appreciate your appreciation


    in touch,

  4. Yeah, I wish the world had those ideals, it would kinda be like……. heaven”)


  5. making heaven on earth is the goal i think.

    in touch,

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