Spanking and Sex

ok. now that i’ve got that spanking thing outta the way, i should say i’m not into spanking or pain in sex.

i was spanked badly as a kid. maybe someday i’ll get into it. but lately, can’t say it’s ok.

but if you get a thrill on it, live it up!

in touch,


Christians Spanking

i know this is sex tips for christian girls, but i have to divert into a tangent from here it is.

less than 12 hours ago, someone posted a poll asking if it’s ok to spank kids.

when i voted no, the results were 14 to 4 in favour of it.

i was shocked and i said so. loudly.

i also warned any men in that site who voted yes to never ever ever contact me. they would sicken me.

and then i did a google search and found a bunch of sites where folks were using the bible to justify spanking. i know that stuff is in there, but really, all i felt when i read their arguments is this: “how much of a sick fuck must you be to try to find justification in the bible to hit a child?”

here is one crazy site supporting hitting kids:

and here is

finally, i sometimes wonder why society thinks christians are nuts.

seeking justification in the bible to hit a child is a pretty good example of why christians [sometimes deservedly] get a bad name.

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