Christians Spanking

i know this is sex tips for christian girls, but i have to divert into a tangent from here it is.

less than 12 hours ago, someone posted a poll asking if it’s ok to spank kids.

when i voted no, the results were 14 to 4 in favour of it.

i was shocked and i said so. loudly.

i also warned any men in that site who voted yes to never ever ever contact me. they would sicken me.

and then i did a google search and found a bunch of sites where folks were using the bible to justify spanking. i know that stuff is in there, but really, all i felt when i read their arguments is this: “how much of a sick fuck must you be to try to find justification in the bible to hit a child?”

here is one crazy site supporting hitting kids:

and here is

finally, i sometimes wonder why society thinks christians are nuts.

seeking justification in the bible to hit a child is a pretty good example of why christians [sometimes deservedly] get a bad name.

in touch,


9 Responses

  1. I’m gonna have to agree with you on this one Holly. If you just pay attention to them and punish them with just not liking what their doing, and I mean only at times when it’s warranted that’s the true test and the real ideals you want to instill in you children. Not picking up a stick and beating your kid, or torturing them in some way. Cause I seriously got tortured.


  2. I do believe in a certain amount of corporal punishment because there are sometimes no alternatives. The verses on spanking in Proverbs are actually referring metaphorically to a shepherd’s rod rather than just hitting your kids with a stick for every offense.

    Teachers should not spank children because they don’t have a love relationship with children as do parents.

  3. yeah, but metaphor is lost on so many people. and metaphor is being generous i think.

    very old testament trash talk. jesus is supposed to save us from barbaric historical practices and rituals. the love thing. right?

  4. A moderate amount of corporal punishment is loving to children.

    The Old Testament is the New Testament concealed and the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed. They don’t contradict each other.

  5. somantics. old testament barbarism is not part of how i understand the love in the NT.

  6. That’s because you’re cherrypicking the parts of the Bible that suit you.

  7. lol, you’re funny.

  8. Just keep in mind what it says in Revelation about those who take away from the Word of God.

  9. Also, the major thing about Jesus w
    as He saw people as people, not as devices for sexual pleasure.

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