Sex Tip for Christian Girls #2: the early evening BJ

ok. i can’t take credit for this. i learned it from a gf at ubc. not that this is a special ubc trick or anything, but in the dorm i figured out alot of easy ways for life to flow.

these tips aren’t in any progressive order. that would be way too complicated.

this tip is for christian girls who are into being sexual of a sort with a christian or non=christian guy. not necessarily intercourse i mean.

it’s all about the course of a date in an evening. the great pressure after dinner or a movie or whatever to go back to whoever’s place and fool around.

it’s all about ladies first. u know? we cum first. that’s the golden rule.

but it’s hard with boys being boys and all.

once it’s time to play around and enjoy each other, guys have waited all night to cum and some of them, those with the least control, often lose it waaaaaaaaaay too early. sometimes still in their pants. what a shame.

and lotsa times once you get to fooling around, rubbing, kissing, sucking and licking, they’re way to close already [all night] that they lose their load and then drift into that dazed place that isn’t so great for girls to get off.

so the tip is simple, and i thank my friend immensely for it.

it goes like this.

boy comes to your dorm room [or wherever] to pick you up. you invite him in. finish your make up, whatever. let him wait a bit.

then slide up your skirt and flash your panties and watch his cock grow. [or unbutton a few buttons on your top or anything that will let him know his member should stand up.]

kiss him. rub your breast in his face. rub his hand on your pussy. then go down on him.

pull out his cock and love it until it loves you back.

whether yer into swallowing or mopping up. it doesn’t matter. let him enjoy your love. but the date’s not over. 🙂

it’s just begun.

dinner, then a movie, whatever you’re doing.

by the time the end of the evening has come around, he’ll already have cum. he’ll feel grateful and unless he’s a complete asshole, he’ll feel some gratitude and want to make it up to you.

this leaves you in the position of inviting him to please you. whether you’re into him sucking or rubbing you or any other cock games..whether or not yer into intercourse…you get your rights as a woman to cum “first.”

and i’ve had this debate with many women and girls. technically, he cums first. but until yer dealing with guys who can hold it for more than 3-4 minutes, you need to get him out of the way before you get any. if you can do it early in the evening, so much the better.

oh yes, also get them to watch something about mary so they know the value of masterbating BEFORE coming over.

you may prefer this if you haven’t yet gotten into the not so hidden glory of a perforing blowjobs. some girls just never get into it. which is fine.

at any rate, it’s important for a guy to clear his “head” before he’ll be any use to you in getting you off.

in touch,


2 Responses

  1. you go girl!!!!!

  2. well thank you!

    i do go, girl!


    in touch,

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