The Solitary: Sluts vs. Virgins: America

a very sick and angry christian writes about torturing revolting teenagers who have sex.


my comments follow his text.

The Solitary: Sluts vs. Virgins: America

Sunday, May 07, 2006
Sluts vs. Virgins: America
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Recently a woman reporter on PBS’s Frontline did a very telling interview with several young girls. The first three to be interviewed, at first glance, looked like cute fifteen to sixteen-year-olds. But on second glance you notice the depraved features. They’re scantily clad and sitting in bed smoking.

What you assumed was innocent girl talk turns out to be their boasting about “He did her, while she did the other guy, who was on top of her friend, while she took his…,” etc., etc. And it soon becomes obvious that they’re not even hookers because they do it for fun and not for money. It’s the “in” thing to do in their peer group.

The interviewer asked them how old they were when they lost their virginity. One said around thirteen or fourteen. The second said she was thirteen, and the third remembered that she was twelve at the time.

Instead of your heart going out to these youngsters, if you’re like me, you can’t help but feel revolted. There wasn’t an ounce of innocence left in any of them. They had become nothing but hardened, empty sex toys ñ and were proud of it.

The scene then changed to three other girls about the same age, three Christian girls who were still virgins. Unlike the three swingers above, these three were outcasts in their high school because they believe there should be no sex outside marriage.

Can you believe the world is this topsy turvy because of the degeneracy of the likes of Bill Clinton and his following of liberal perverts? They think it’s normal behavior for youngsters to be passed around like a used condom to male, female, under-age, over-age, all-orifice “love” freaks.

But the three sixteen-year-olds who are still virgins are treated like pariahs in their own school. The new unpardonable sin for the sexopathic left and their victims is moral “hangups.” People like the three little swingers, who spread lethal diseases and kill their unborn babies, are not the ones to be pilloried. It’s the chaste and decent ones who need to be sent to counseling for their sexual guilt complexes.

Did you think it was only the John Rockers who will be marched off to reorientation camp for their homophobia? You’ll be sent there even sooner for praising chastity, so they can fix your “abstinophilia.” After all, it might be contagious and bring the country back to some degree of moral decency.

I’m sorry, when I see things like this I can’t help but have a fantasy. I imagine that women like the three little swingers are sent to one of the Muslim fundamentalist countries, where they’re taught some of the sobering Old Testament truths about their behavior.

It’s no wonder that countries where they have strict views on chastity see America as a source of moral corruption in the world. Can you blame them for not wanting to send their daughters here to be turned into rebellious little sluts? Even though there is much hypocrisy in those countries, because of their own corrupt practices, their view of America reflects the extent of moral decay in a country that was once the standard-bearer of decency in the world.

Who’s to blame for American decadence? Didn’t I say before that it’s trickle-down immorality?

Throughout the ages, it always seeps down from corruption at the top. That’s no excuse for the followers. We’re not forced to go along with it. But, on the whole, it’s like a law of physics in the area of society and morality. If the head starts rotting, it spreads throughout the whole body. If your brain becomes corrupted with perverse attitudes, your body will follow suit. You’ll see it in your face and eyes and in your body language. It will undermine your physical health even if you’re lucky enough not to contract a communicable disease.

A country is no different; even the entire world is no different. The converse is true as well. Just as in ancient Israel, the country was strong and healthy whenever it had moral, God-fearing kings as it was weak and strife-ridden whenever the kings were evil. Anyone who thinks the U.S. is an exception to this is a victim of the Big Lie.

posted by Solitary Copt at 6:36 PM

wow. i feel sorry for you that you don’t even have enough compassion for your heart to not go out to the teens involved in sex.

even without the trite love the sinner, hate the sin, you are just revolted by them.

christians who move straight to revulsion without compassion are not good ambassadors of the faith.

then calling on the three to be tortured until dead makes you right down there with the muslim fundamentalists the USA is fighting a war against.

how odd.

also, i’m not sure how america can be a moral standard bearer for the world when it has invaded other countries over 240 times in its checkered history. i don’t know the america you live in.

and if you blame the leadership, Clinton’s sure guilty. but what about the warmongering Bush? if he’s morally pure, wouldn’t the country be turning around to “moral decency”?

trick question. he’s not morally pure.

in touch,


Christian Wives as a Dependency Problem

Wow: the top ten things that christian women seek in men.

“Single Christian girls are looking for a guy who can provide a stable environment. Translation: A single woman finds a man appealing who has a steady job and loving relationships with his immediate family members. This shows the single Christian girl that the guy is dependable, consistent and able to provide for a family. This issue of provision is extremely important for a any single woman looking for a mate.”

wow. mostly i’m speechless. not to say that christian women who think this is this much of a big deal are spineless doormats, but this is the 21st century. an organized religious institution that promotes female submissiveness is to be destroyed. not that the christian church does this en masse. but there’s a vibe out there that reinforces women looking for the knight on a shiny white horse instead of stripping off her clothes and riding that godiva white horse to assert her femininity and independence.

well, not that i am condoning public nudity for all christian girls, 🙂 but come on. i’m a fan of dependable and consistent, but providing for a family? if yer choosing housewife, great. but being married to a house isn’t it for me.

“Coming on in fifth place is the issue of physical attractiveness. Christian single girls relay that it’s important (but not most important) that they be somewhat physically attracted to the man they marry. In other words, when a single Christian girl looks upon you, she should find ”something” appealing about you physically. You may not be a Brad Pitt, but you almost certainly have at least one feature that is above average in appearance.”

fifth place is where a man should be “somewhat physically attracted” to the woman. first we tell women to look for a man to take care of them. then we lower women’s standards to settle for someone who doesn’t totally physically make you yearn for him while romping naked.

this advice is dangerous.

in touch,

My Virtual Model

sexy is fun. avatars are cool too. i’ve got a yahoo avatar that’s cool but cartoonish. and they all have dora the explora bodies. i found a bunch of avatar stuff at there u can build your own model that looks like your body and of course dress it in tons of clothes from stores, but whatever.

and while i said i don’t put pix of ME up here, cuz i’m not a fool, above is an avatar that is close to me. kinda like the guess girl on the left. my cartoony yahoo avatar is there too. stupid proportions.

when it comes to sex, my body is rocking. i don’t have the supermodel proportions. i’m a bit hippy. but i saw a doc on newsworld a couple years ago where they did a study of what’s hot for biological man. it wasn’t a small bum. hello j.lo. it was proportionality, which i’m blessed with. i’m hippy, but my hips are good to hang on to whilst grinding or eating. this is good.

i don’t have a tiny ass. i’m firm and juicy and meaty to rub and grip. i like this alot.

as a teenager i wanted a smaller bum. all the petite girls had them. it took years b4 i could really appreciate what is below my waist. as well as my tiny boobs. B is fine. C and D are big, but my Bs rock. and roll. and slide. and compress just nicely thanks. and nipples are all around. we’ve all gottem. and i’m good with mine.

at any rate. these swim suits are nice. but i don’t buy $150 suits to wear down the cliffs to wreck beach just to take it off again. mind you, when the surrey boys in their cowboy hats and long shorts come down to take advantage of the clothing optional nature of the beach and set up in groups of 3 or 4 near our blanket, it’s time to toss on whatever unflattering clothes or frumpy swimsuit i’ve got.

often times there just polite enough that you can’t just leave or ask them to go. there full of questions cuz they so want to get to know us. the worst are the ones with the mirrored shades cuz u never know where there looking.

and i know i’m out there and assertive sexually and stuff, but there’s a kinda uninvited [alanis, right?] invasiveness about them and the shades. it would even be less threatening if they took off their shades and i could watch them looking at my breasts or pussy. at least i know where i and they stand. i could work with that.

and the biggest thing is that they won’t get naked. and i’m cool with everyone and their process and each person needs time to get to where there comfortable doing it, but they look like there there for the cheap thrills and not so much the culture of nude bodies. that’s why god invented surrey peeler bars after all. and sillicone. 🙂

in touch,

The most beautiful woman in Vancouver

ok. so i’m back in vancruiser for the summer. couch surfing. wreck beach once the temp rises above 25c. and look at the big hole in front of regent college on the ubc campus! killer. probly gonna be a parkade. losers. or maybe a worship theatre. 🙂

at any rate, i was swinging down by granville island to hang with the glass blowers vibe and meet a gf at emily carr. and strolling through the net loft i see the hat store has finally got some real digs and sweetnees, i slide in to maiwa to see some incredible clothes that i’ll be able to afford in a couple decades maybe. but i just wanted to run my fingers through it cuz its so sensual.

charlotte the owner is not who i’m talking about. she’s sweet. at least from what i could get eavesdropping on her conversation with an elderwoman. but as i’m leaving this woman walks in and goes behind the counter to do some retail-type stuff–she works there i guess. duh. she’s kinda asian with luscious long wavy hair and the slyest body i’ve seen in a long time. the lululemon clones at kits beach could only DREAM of being her. and she was on another plane of cool vibes that i’d pay my student loan to spend a day with.

i don’t know her name and had to fly to meet my best chick. if you know her name, lemme know. post a comment in here. email me. whatever. just lemme know. she’s in my mind and intricately linked to my clit already.

anyway. if you know who i’m talking about, we can enjoy some serendipity of knowing the truth of…

the most beautiful woman in vancouver.

in touch,

Christian Girls to Not Use as Role Models

so. Jump5. a nice squeeky clean Christian pop group of eternal happiness and beauty.

i’m in a cynical mood tonight so forgive the lack of belief in these 4 people.

they’re all cute. i’d do any of them. they’re talented and role models for the squeekier than 7th Heaven crowd but they aren’t real.

or at least, they haven’t lived enough of life to be well-balanced human beings who’ve confronted strife and troubles and somehow lived through them to be believable.

this lesley chick is interesting. i’m sure she’s a wonderful person who loves god, but there are limits to my ability to buy her as a total package.

here’s what i don’t buy about her. always bubbly and happy. if this is true, i wonder how sheltered she is. no one is always bubbly and happy if they’ve been to a World Vision 30 hour famine and learned about why 30,000 kids die every day for no good reason.

she carries her puppy and loves to shop. these things, technically, i can believe. but they bug me. loving to shop is no way for christians to act. god doesn’t want us to buy stuff. he wants us to love people. all the crap i can get at the gap is made by children in sweatshops. buying there stuff is no act of love.

making sure she was able to go to prom reminds me of a christina aguilara thing i saw about how she was famous by the time prom came around and it wierded everything out. home school i’m sure is great, but going to prom when yer not part of the school community is a little bit unreal. people who check out of “regular” life things like school are going to have difficulties adjusting to those they went to school with before. or maybe not. maybe her buds are awesome and can totally take her for what she is, which would be great. but people, largely, aren’t that awesome.

the marketing of these dudes seems great. there’s even an ad/plug/link to the scrapbooking company she buys from in her bio.

there music is crisp and poppy and videos are bouncy and cool.

in the end tho, i think they’re all selling something to young people that is not realistic. most people don’t carry their puppies and have the ability to love to shop.

reality matters. people who’ve overcome struggles matter. lesley doesn’t cut it for me as a role model. but as i said, i’d do her. 🙂

in touch,