Christian Girls to Not Use as Role Models

so. Jump5. a nice squeeky clean Christian pop group of eternal happiness and beauty.

i’m in a cynical mood tonight so forgive the lack of belief in these 4 people.

they’re all cute. i’d do any of them. they’re talented and role models for the squeekier than 7th Heaven crowd but they aren’t real.

or at least, they haven’t lived enough of life to be well-balanced human beings who’ve confronted strife and troubles and somehow lived through them to be believable.

this lesley chick is interesting. i’m sure she’s a wonderful person who loves god, but there are limits to my ability to buy her as a total package.

here’s what i don’t buy about her. always bubbly and happy. if this is true, i wonder how sheltered she is. no one is always bubbly and happy if they’ve been to a World Vision 30 hour famine and learned about why 30,000 kids die every day for no good reason.

she carries her puppy and loves to shop. these things, technically, i can believe. but they bug me. loving to shop is no way for christians to act. god doesn’t want us to buy stuff. he wants us to love people. all the crap i can get at the gap is made by children in sweatshops. buying there stuff is no act of love.

making sure she was able to go to prom reminds me of a christina aguilara thing i saw about how she was famous by the time prom came around and it wierded everything out. home school i’m sure is great, but going to prom when yer not part of the school community is a little bit unreal. people who check out of “regular” life things like school are going to have difficulties adjusting to those they went to school with before. or maybe not. maybe her buds are awesome and can totally take her for what she is, which would be great. but people, largely, aren’t that awesome.

the marketing of these dudes seems great. there’s even an ad/plug/link to the scrapbooking company she buys from in her bio.

there music is crisp and poppy and videos are bouncy and cool.

in the end tho, i think they’re all selling something to young people that is not realistic. most people don’t carry their puppies and have the ability to love to shop.

reality matters. people who’ve overcome struggles matter. lesley doesn’t cut it for me as a role model. but as i said, i’d do her. 🙂

in touch,


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