My Virtual Model

sexy is fun. avatars are cool too. i’ve got a yahoo avatar that’s cool but cartoonish. and they all have dora the explora bodies. i found a bunch of avatar stuff at there u can build your own model that looks like your body and of course dress it in tons of clothes from stores, but whatever.

and while i said i don’t put pix of ME up here, cuz i’m not a fool, above is an avatar that is close to me. kinda like the guess girl on the left. my cartoony yahoo avatar is there too. stupid proportions.

when it comes to sex, my body is rocking. i don’t have the supermodel proportions. i’m a bit hippy. but i saw a doc on newsworld a couple years ago where they did a study of what’s hot for biological man. it wasn’t a small bum. hello j.lo. it was proportionality, which i’m blessed with. i’m hippy, but my hips are good to hang on to whilst grinding or eating. this is good.

i don’t have a tiny ass. i’m firm and juicy and meaty to rub and grip. i like this alot.

as a teenager i wanted a smaller bum. all the petite girls had them. it took years b4 i could really appreciate what is below my waist. as well as my tiny boobs. B is fine. C and D are big, but my Bs rock. and roll. and slide. and compress just nicely thanks. and nipples are all around. we’ve all gottem. and i’m good with mine.

at any rate. these swim suits are nice. but i don’t buy $150 suits to wear down the cliffs to wreck beach just to take it off again. mind you, when the surrey boys in their cowboy hats and long shorts come down to take advantage of the clothing optional nature of the beach and set up in groups of 3 or 4 near our blanket, it’s time to toss on whatever unflattering clothes or frumpy swimsuit i’ve got.

often times there just polite enough that you can’t just leave or ask them to go. there full of questions cuz they so want to get to know us. the worst are the ones with the mirrored shades cuz u never know where there looking.

and i know i’m out there and assertive sexually and stuff, but there’s a kinda uninvited [alanis, right?] invasiveness about them and the shades. it would even be less threatening if they took off their shades and i could watch them looking at my breasts or pussy. at least i know where i and they stand. i could work with that.

and the biggest thing is that they won’t get naked. and i’m cool with everyone and their process and each person needs time to get to where there comfortable doing it, but they look like there there for the cheap thrills and not so much the culture of nude bodies. that’s why god invented surrey peeler bars after all. and sillicone. 🙂

in touch,


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