The most beautiful woman in Vancouver

ok. so i’m back in vancruiser for the summer. couch surfing. wreck beach once the temp rises above 25c. and look at the big hole in front of regent college on the ubc campus! killer. probly gonna be a parkade. losers. or maybe a worship theatre. 🙂

at any rate, i was swinging down by granville island to hang with the glass blowers vibe and meet a gf at emily carr. and strolling through the net loft i see the hat store has finally got some real digs and sweetnees, i slide in to maiwa to see some incredible clothes that i’ll be able to afford in a couple decades maybe. but i just wanted to run my fingers through it cuz its so sensual.

charlotte the owner is not who i’m talking about. she’s sweet. at least from what i could get eavesdropping on her conversation with an elderwoman. but as i’m leaving this woman walks in and goes behind the counter to do some retail-type stuff–she works there i guess. duh. she’s kinda asian with luscious long wavy hair and the slyest body i’ve seen in a long time. the lululemon clones at kits beach could only DREAM of being her. and she was on another plane of cool vibes that i’d pay my student loan to spend a day with.

i don’t know her name and had to fly to meet my best chick. if you know her name, lemme know. post a comment in here. email me. whatever. just lemme know. she’s in my mind and intricately linked to my clit already.

anyway. if you know who i’m talking about, we can enjoy some serendipity of knowing the truth of…

the most beautiful woman in vancouver.

in touch,


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