The Solitary: Sluts vs. Virgins: America

a very sick and angry christian writes about torturing revolting teenagers who have sex.


my comments follow his text.

The Solitary: Sluts vs. Virgins: America

Sunday, May 07, 2006
Sluts vs. Virgins: America
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Recently a woman reporter on PBS’s Frontline did a very telling interview with several young girls. The first three to be interviewed, at first glance, looked like cute fifteen to sixteen-year-olds. But on second glance you notice the depraved features. They’re scantily clad and sitting in bed smoking.

What you assumed was innocent girl talk turns out to be their boasting about “He did her, while she did the other guy, who was on top of her friend, while she took his…,” etc., etc. And it soon becomes obvious that they’re not even hookers because they do it for fun and not for money. It’s the “in” thing to do in their peer group.

The interviewer asked them how old they were when they lost their virginity. One said around thirteen or fourteen. The second said she was thirteen, and the third remembered that she was twelve at the time.

Instead of your heart going out to these youngsters, if you’re like me, you can’t help but feel revolted. There wasn’t an ounce of innocence left in any of them. They had become nothing but hardened, empty sex toys ñ and were proud of it.

The scene then changed to three other girls about the same age, three Christian girls who were still virgins. Unlike the three swingers above, these three were outcasts in their high school because they believe there should be no sex outside marriage.

Can you believe the world is this topsy turvy because of the degeneracy of the likes of Bill Clinton and his following of liberal perverts? They think it’s normal behavior for youngsters to be passed around like a used condom to male, female, under-age, over-age, all-orifice “love” freaks.

But the three sixteen-year-olds who are still virgins are treated like pariahs in their own school. The new unpardonable sin for the sexopathic left and their victims is moral “hangups.” People like the three little swingers, who spread lethal diseases and kill their unborn babies, are not the ones to be pilloried. It’s the chaste and decent ones who need to be sent to counseling for their sexual guilt complexes.

Did you think it was only the John Rockers who will be marched off to reorientation camp for their homophobia? You’ll be sent there even sooner for praising chastity, so they can fix your “abstinophilia.” After all, it might be contagious and bring the country back to some degree of moral decency.

I’m sorry, when I see things like this I can’t help but have a fantasy. I imagine that women like the three little swingers are sent to one of the Muslim fundamentalist countries, where they’re taught some of the sobering Old Testament truths about their behavior.

It’s no wonder that countries where they have strict views on chastity see America as a source of moral corruption in the world. Can you blame them for not wanting to send their daughters here to be turned into rebellious little sluts? Even though there is much hypocrisy in those countries, because of their own corrupt practices, their view of America reflects the extent of moral decay in a country that was once the standard-bearer of decency in the world.

Who’s to blame for American decadence? Didn’t I say before that it’s trickle-down immorality?

Throughout the ages, it always seeps down from corruption at the top. That’s no excuse for the followers. We’re not forced to go along with it. But, on the whole, it’s like a law of physics in the area of society and morality. If the head starts rotting, it spreads throughout the whole body. If your brain becomes corrupted with perverse attitudes, your body will follow suit. You’ll see it in your face and eyes and in your body language. It will undermine your physical health even if you’re lucky enough not to contract a communicable disease.

A country is no different; even the entire world is no different. The converse is true as well. Just as in ancient Israel, the country was strong and healthy whenever it had moral, God-fearing kings as it was weak and strife-ridden whenever the kings were evil. Anyone who thinks the U.S. is an exception to this is a victim of the Big Lie.

posted by Solitary Copt at 6:36 PM

wow. i feel sorry for you that you don’t even have enough compassion for your heart to not go out to the teens involved in sex.

even without the trite love the sinner, hate the sin, you are just revolted by them.

christians who move straight to revulsion without compassion are not good ambassadors of the faith.

then calling on the three to be tortured until dead makes you right down there with the muslim fundamentalists the USA is fighting a war against.

how odd.

also, i’m not sure how america can be a moral standard bearer for the world when it has invaded other countries over 240 times in its checkered history. i don’t know the america you live in.

and if you blame the leadership, Clinton’s sure guilty. but what about the warmongering Bush? if he’s morally pure, wouldn’t the country be turning around to “moral decency”?

trick question. he’s not morally pure.

in touch,


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  1. Wow!!!!!

    Sei stupenda….

  2. thanks. i agree. i think? 🙂

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