so i’m housesitting for a friend’s cousin for june. vancouver is odd. there’s all these new free daily papers. smily folks thrust them at me at busy intersections and the skytrain stations.

the metro, 24hrs, dose…they all seem to be like the ticker running across the bottom of newsworld. factoids without the backstory.

big headlines are kinda silly too.

today’s metro is “Sex before 16 is a sin?”

the prime minister’s gonna raise the age of consent from 14 to 16 in canada.

so someone goes out and does a morality poll of canadians and finds that 2/3rds think sex before 16 is a sin. well, that’s the headline. the poll question actually said immoral.

now, christians know that extramarital sex is a sin. i guess in canada most think 16 should be the lower limit. i didn’t lose my virginity until my 20s, but if i could have done it all over again with the ball and chain of a repressive, anti-woman conservative church, 16 would have been about the time for me.

so that’s interesting.

also interesting is that 31% think homosexuality is immoral. i guess that includes bisexuality [for me].

but here’s something too wierd. only 81% think pedophilia is immoral. wtf?

what are the other 19% thinking? do they maybe not know the definition of the word? are they for some stupid reason unsure? are they interested in diddling kids and admit it to an annoymous pollster by saying they don’t think its immoral?

with all the crap the glbt community and liberal christians get, you’d think people would be a little more freaked out about the lack of 100% objection to pedophilia.

or maybe that’s just me.


2 Responses

  1. Unfortunately, pedophilia isn’t on the Christian Right’s agenda. Burning gays and lesbians on a metaphorical cross is. But there are things being done about it here in the States, at least. Right now, in my state, there’s a petition going around that would give a life sentence to those who commit sexual assault on a child on the first offense.

  2. wow. that’s a good start!

    thanks for your comment and your moral support

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