Emotional Spectrum – Warm Fuzzies to Angerfests: Pants really ought to be stronger.

Emotional Spectrum – Warm Fuzzies to Angerfests: Pants really ought to be stronger.

so i got home from a day at wreck beach the other day and i figured something else out. it’s been a week of learning BIGtime truths.

at the beach i was hexing and warding off the 21 year old losers from cloverdale who wear knee length shorts and cowboy hats and try to put there blankets down near pairs of naked girls. and i got thinking about dressing provocatively.

there’s such a black and white thing about it. girls should dress hot cuz they might be responsible for rapes. the alternative is to dress such as to not enrage male hormones.

first question: why then don’t we wear burkas cuz that’s what they’re for in islam?

but the point i figured out is this: it’s not OUR fault that some men have rapist tendencies. to dress so as to not provoke those criminal acts, WE must change OUR ways. that means the rapists among us are allowed to not have to address their rapist tendencies.

what about the middle road: dressing hot cuz it’s nice to show off a body i’m proud of and let girls and guys enjoy it WITHOUT FEARING THEY’LL RAPE ME.

then it’s the double standard thing: guys can dress hot and slutty and love it and girls love it and everything’s ok. what’s the difference? the difference is that for probly just biological reasons, women usually CAN’T rape men. we aren’t strong enough.

so here’s a good sex tip for christian and all girls, but particularly hot christian girls that i’d like to see in more sexy clothes. the next time someone accuses you of dressing slutty and uses the argument that they may incite rape or lust, ask why a woman changing her behaviour is the solution for woman-hating men to be allowed to have rapist thoughts. that should be a conversation stopper.

we deserve to look good without being responsible for others’ criminal minds.

that said, ryven’s post is a fun little day in the life thing to read about and i won’t say what she should or shouldnt do about showing boob flesh in job interviews or other contexts, but it got me thinking about what we should be able to do.

that said, cute girls should show their bodies. we deserve it. and you know what? we’re ALL cute!

in touch,


2 Responses

  1. I’m not opposed to showing a bit of chest during job interviews, it’s just that my current blouses show off waaaaaay more than is appropriate at a job interview, IE they’re extremely low cut, showing half my breasts and all of the cleavage. It’s very much a cleavage shirt. But I don’t wanna give the wrong impression when I apply for my job.

    I’m going to go get a new blouse and some pants today. Yay pants!

  2. Well said. Double standards are everywhere.

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