I sold my car…this isn’t a sex tip :)

ok, so i sold my car for a return flight from university back to vancouver for the summer.

one of my roomates bought it because he NEEDS it, and he does. i won’t judge. but not me. i’ve enjoyed my cross-country trips from the left coast to school, but i’m done now.

hurricane katrina helped me decide. so did al gore’s inconvenient truth. the inconvenient truth is that we shouldn’t even have cars, i think. regardless of what fuel we put in them. hugo chavez, the prime minister of venezuela said you’d have to plan corn on every bit of land in the world to get enough ethanol to fuel all the cars we drive. then what would we eat!

so i sold my car and i’m going to live car free. i’m sure i can do it. hell, most people in the world do it. and vancouver has a great transit system, despite what the whiny idiots say about it being too slow and expensive. sure it costs money, but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less then a car.

i mean i must have spent like $10,000 on my car in the 5 years i had it, that’s $2000/year and a 3 zone bus pass in vancouver is like $130/month, which is way less then $2000/year.

and the time thing. people are stupid about time. STUPID, i say! it is not money. it is not your life. being on tranist lets me enjoy my time to relax. hell, i lost my watch at wreck beach 3 years ago and never replaced it. time is a variable. if you let it control your life, you are a loser. that’s the truth.


sell you car. 🙂

it feels great!

in touch,