Sex Tip #7: Lessons in Self-Esteem from Pix on Flickr

so a while ago i cruised through flickr because that’s what we all do, right? 🙂

hot people.

and some great art shots too.

but i found something interesting when i was just looking at the beautiful people in the world.

looking at a bunch of the pix [not all of them, by any means] was really instructive because i saw something good about myself in each one.

narcissism r us, i know, but indulge me. 🙂

so let’s just do a review of it all. and what is the sex tip? you’re beautiful. if you look like me or them or the hotties you feel inferior to sometimes or whatever. you’re beautiful. and you deserve pleasure and bliss. regardless of ANYTHING!

click on the pix to see them bigger.

boob sag. gravity. age. time. though smaller than the girl on the left, my boobs were perky and resistant to gravity when i was a teenager. not so much now. tv commercials encourage me to be ashamed of the little lines beside my eyes and how my body is starting to recognize gravity more. they are evil. i’m beautiful. i was when i was a teenager too. perky anti-gravity boobs are awesome, but not eternal. and that’s ok. it’s even great.

i was initially cynical about this pix. i thought it was a scan from GQ or Cosmo ad or something cuz they’re all so cute. it may be. if so, ignore all this. but in their faces is a sense of belonging and love and acceptance and friendship. and while everyone drifts from at least some of their high school friends, this pix tells me that there are always people surrounding me even if in other cities, who are on my side, who are here to back me up and listen to me. that’s pretty special.

this is just like above, tho no doubt about it being a staged magazine ad. 🙂 bff is so trite these days, but it’s authentic when you’re in the moment.

boobs are fun. they are for playing. enjoy them. that’s it! 🙂

i’m quite hippy. but not quite this waist-y. big hips are part of who we are. micro-petite is great for those who are like that. we’re all built differently. embrace who you are. if it is different from someone else, fine. they’re different from you too.

this pix is from a series of a bunch of shots of this girl. this is the most alluring one, i think. teasing a camera a bit is like teasing a lover a bit. LOTS of fun. and we ALL deserve to be in a sexy photo shoot.
we all deserve to lounge in a pool on the top of a hotel or something, really high in the sky. we need to RISE ABOVE the shit that keeps us down. truth.


and as it is, while i’m writing this blog piece, i’m watching a webcam show by a woman in she’s got a great smile and warm eyes and is having fun exploring little bits of stripping and playing with her body. but the first thing i bet most people thought of when they first turned on her cam was that she’s a bit chubby. a bit chubbier then me but SHE’S HOT. and her sense of herself is truly wonderful to watch. we are us first and how we appear second.

in touch,


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