"I’m Saving Myself For Wild, Passionate, Awkward Honeymoon Sex"

ok, so i joined facebook. i’m a cult member now. i’m also addicted. plenty of happiness there.

but i found this neat group. i’m in dozens of groups already, yay, but this one is cool:

I’m Saving Myself For Wild, Passionate, Awkward Honeymoon Sex

there’s almost 30k people in it. that’s lots in facebook i think.

but when i look at people in that group, like these cuties, i feel sad that they’re not boinking. they DESERVE to be. but i do respect their choice to be celibate. but there’s celibate and there’s CELIBATE. like my earlier posts on my Catholic boy bud.

in the end, i like the awkward bit. it’s the truth for many. it also reminds me of something i wrote in a previous blog entry:

if you listen to them, you may find yourself in your late 20s, engaged, then married, still a virgin, spending the first mannnnnnnny awkward months of your marriage learning how to be sexual with anything less than pitch black. my divorced Anglican cousin Julie endured this. bad news. more about her in a little while.

i recall that i’ve never told julie’s story. that’ll have to come soon.

in the end [the sequel], be abstinent or not. it’s up to you. and if you stay a virgin, revel in it. cuz maybe no one else will. but respect your lines…what is too far and what is not. and enjoy being in them.

in touch,


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