Facebook Sucks

no sex tip here. it’s just that facebook sucks.

they have twice deleted my account for spamming.

absolutely amazing. as far as i can tell it only takes a series of words repeated in posts or posts too close together in time to be completely deleted from facebook. there seems to be no human involved in the process.

below is the email i sent the second time i got deleted. at the top is the response they sent me at my appeal. it was word for word the same response i got the first time i was nailed.

it seems when i end my posts/emails with

in touch,

i am spamming. those are the only words that were common to all the various emails and posts that got flagged as spam. amazing.

Hi Holly,

Your account has been disabled because you have violated
Facebook’s Terms of Use. Abusing the features of the site
to spam other people is not permitted. I’m sorry, but you
will no longer be able to use Facebook. This decision is

Thanks for your understanding,

Customer Support Representative

[stcgirls@hotmail.com – Fri Aug 24 01:45:31 2007]:

i get a spam warning because a dozen people try to add
me. people i don’t know. so i write a note saying “hey, how
do i know you?” and stuff to find out why they wanna add

and since like a dozen people try to add me i just
paste it in there.

and i get the spam warning. fine. it’s
obvious to me the server saw me putting the same thing

but isn’t there an actual person who figures out the
context before a spam warning?

then all of a sudden i’m posting something in a group and i get disabled?

i totally don’t get that. the disabling rules seem really inconsistent.
was there a human at all who decided anything or is it all


in touch,

if you knew me in facebook, please email me at my address on my blog. i welcome your contact!


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