Slumber Party Gone to a New Level?

so i’m back at school now. my flight back from vancouver today was uneventful. my ride from the airport from ashland was amazing. the car was like full of balloons…all valentine red. not helium, just blown up and dumped in the backseat.

so now despite timezone wonking, i’m up and posting this. i’ve been working on this post for so long and tossing out shit like crazy. i ended up tossing it all and describe to yall what i’m trying to do. in general. and i need HELLLLLLLLLP! 🙂

oh yes, there’s no sex tip in here this time. sorry. 🙂

I got this image from an interesting blog/porn site that buddy in vancouver hangs out at once in a while.

i’m against porn when it’s used to oppress women and men [yes, men, that can happen too]. i’m generally for porn tho because of its sexually liberating tendencies.

when i was a teenager i was a largely fundamentalist christian. i wasn’t hard core cuz i really didn’t get WHY some of my truly hard core christian buddies were so over the top about it. i was committed though. and with a lame family life [well tragically awful, but whatever] i found a real peace in embracing the TRUTH of it all cuz it was right and everything else was wrong.

and so as a good christian girl i was very inexperienced once i made it to university. and it took me even a few years outta high school to get my shit together enough to get to university.

and in university i found sex and relationships and the POWER that surrounds all that.

so i’m left as a girl in my mid-20s starting to get a handle on things that others do from grade 9 or 10 onward.

and so as a teenager i missed out. and i only regret that at small times, but other times i take it all as life lessons.

so the picture…i’ve been thinking about using it as a guide to write a short story/fantasy sex thing. but i’ve hit a blank.

i don’t know these girls [obviously] and i don’t know if it was a slumber party, tho the girl in the centre with the cum on her face seems to be wearing a flannel nightie. but who really knows except the girls.

i’ve tried to image what a late-teen or early 20something’s slumber party would be like when guys show up and maybe there’s a rainbow party. and how it gets to a point that a boy with a camera and a cock out gets to cum on a girl like this.

i mean, i know how that can work in my context but i can’t IMAGINE how that would work as a younger person cuz when i was that age, i was religiously celibate. and if it were to happen now, it would not be a “slumber party” as i imagine that to be.

so i’m left with how to write a story about this pix. and so i leave it to yall. send in a comment. email me. whatever. get me going on it. 🙂


in touch,


4 Responses

  1. Pictures like the one you just posted are very erotic. You CAN just see the guy with his cock out taking the pic with the two girls on each end looking up while the other deals with his spunk.

    I work with young adults and know they are very uninhibited, much like you sound like you are now.

    So if you’re writing, just put your “now” personality, into situations in your youth and imagine what could happen.

    Good Luck!

  2. i hear ya about my now personality. i’ve tried to do that but the problem is that all my memories about being a teenager are so squeeky clean that i can’t imagine how that would all work out.

    if it were a story of someone my age, i could do that.

    that’s the hurdle i have. HOW do i put my now into a younger view.

    thanks for your input though. it’s helpful.

    in touch,

  3. Take the situation you want to write about…a slumber party.

    Now take your attitude about sex now and start writting the story. As you get to those key points in the story…calling the guys, the guys getting flirty and dirty, and then make decisions for the young ladies based on what you would want to do NOW. But always have the scene in the THEN.

    Good luck again.

  4. Hey girls, how’s it going? Looking forward to your next posting.

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