Sex Tip #12: Grinding Orgasms

Ok so it’s been a while since i’ve posted something new. thanks for the comments, particularly the email ones. thanks also for the ones that explain how much of a heathen i actually am. thanks. i’ve never thought of that before. lol

some nice grinding!

As porn goes, this is ok. i post it tho, because at the beginning there’s some good dry humping. and if you’re a christian girl who’s not into penetration or hand jobs or blow jobs or if you’re a christian boy who doesn’t mind a bit of creamy mess in your shorts, grinding orgasms may be just for you.

i’ve enjoyed them a few times in recent months with my regulars and once with a someone new. cousin of a roommate who stayed a weekend. mostly it was just making out after movies and popcorn and before we could get any real plans for anything too elaborate, i found riding his cock to be immensely sweet. so i just kept going. me in my pajama pants and his hands up my top on my boobs. him in his sweats. a fun ride and when he came, i got excited and came too. much fun. it took a couple weeks of keeping it all to myself before i told my roommate. not that she’d object, but it was sorta mine for a while, then i shared it. that was nice.

and while neither of us are sex-avoiding christians, the technique works for christians.

so i recommend it!


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