Sex Tip #14: Sodomy, Just Do It!

So I’m no longer a bum virgin and i have to say, Tina and all the other gf’s [and many boys] who’ve been advising me to do it were right. I figured they were, now I know.

I knew some day i’d get here. Sodomy is the last of the hyper-conservative Christian hang-ups i’ve been burdened by. But with breaking up with my at-school boytoy and moving through new transitions in my life, it seemed to fit.

And on a more practical level, i knew that actually having intercourse with my gayboy roommate was unlikely [beyond the handjobs and bj’s and times in the shower when we so gloriously aroused each other, often by him rubbing his cock on my bum until he came], so while he had always been willing to slide his cock into my bum, i wasn’t.

And so knowing intercourse was out, i walked down the sodomy road with him. And the shower was where it all started. Sliding his cock between my bum cheeks, i asked him to press the head onto my asshole. Being not at all interested in bum play with cocks or fingers or tongues, I have harboured a strong desire to feel something there. And I liked how it felt. He pressed it there and i liked the sensation.

And after the shower we dried off and slid into his bed and after some serious bum massage he started fingering my hole. Then with lube on his fingers. Then with his cock. And in time his head was inside and in time he had some good pumping going.

Lying on my back i could press my clit while he slid in and out of my bum and i came in a real beautiful way rather quicker than i figured it would take. And when he came, i quickly got over his refusal fuck my pussy. 🙂

I knew it would be a fast conversion out of my anti-sodomy stance.

And I’m glad it was so delightful. So I’ll be going back for more!