Sex Tip #17: Listen to Your Elders

I was sitting at a bus loop today and a girl comes and sits next to me. She’s oblivious as many teens are, on her cel phone. But then again many of my friends walk around like cel zombies too so I don’t need to be all agist and everything.

She’s cute with long dark hair. She looks Malaysian or Filipino or something like that. Real gorgeous anyway, for a 15 year old.

And she’s wearing white shorts, flip flops and a loose fitting burgundy t-shirt with a scoop neck. Very attractive.

So as she sits down she leans forward, arranges some stuff in her bag, pulls out an apple. All the regular normal kinda stuff. And as she’s sitting its leaning here and there, sometimes sitting on one foot, sometimes leaning forward with her elbows on her knees.

And all of my focus on her posture is all about more than just her being a cel zombie. She’s also somewhat unaware of her body. Unaware that in various postures, someone standing in front of us actually at the curbside in line for the bus can look up her shorts a bit. Burgundy panty. Quite elegant. And since we were on the west side it fit that she could look so nice like that.

But more than the loose legs on her shorts was her scoop top with a thin and loose fitting bra. And even if it were a tight fitting bra, it covered a small enough amount of her breasts that there was much to look at. Especially when her shirt fell forward from her posture.

So her cel call ended and I struck up a conversation. I introduced myself and said how much I liked her bag. She complimented me on my bag, which feels like an army utility duffel, but is actually quite functional. And then I said I wondered if I could tell her something somewhat personal about her. And being an open friendly girl [and courageous enough] she said sure. And I said that I spent a lot of time flirting with guys in bars and dressing for clubs and things [which I don’t go to clubs, but I knew she’d get that] and I intentionally dress to show off my body for those kind of places.

And I told her what I could see of her body for the last 10 minutes. And that being that provocative as a concept is fine, but there are times to use it and there are times to avoid it and everyone needs to make up there mind on that.

And though we were on the west side, we weren’t surrounded by corporate lawyers and personal trainers at this bus stop and that the general public is a mix of people, not a controlled group of people at a bar seeing a folk music duo for instance.

And then I asked about her English teacher and whether they had talked about how to write for different audiences. She said ya.

So I said the same goes for dressing and how we present the erotic parts of our body. And I tried hard to say not to dress and sit like all that at bus stops, but that she should think at least a little bit about context and the effect of what she does. And how to find places to dress and be a certain way and to be wary of accidentally doing so in other times.

Cuz, I said, when we get on the bus, it’ll be crowded and a few people will have a nice view down your top if you sit a certain way. If you don’t they’ll just see a pretty girl. And that you can’t control which guys are standing beside/over you.

And then I apologized if I ended up making her more wary than I intend [which is not so wary at all, just clever about things], but the world is full of risks that we can sometimes minimize.

And I felt like a big sister, young aunt, even the hip grandmother that tells the secret secrets of life.

And I feel comfortable in my role as an elder. And she listened to me and thanked me. And I wrote down my blog address. 🙂

And the sex tip is to listen to your elders. Not all of them cuz some are fucking nuts. But discern who is worth hearing. And listen HARD. Cuz it can make a real difference in your love/sex life and even all aspects of your life.

So there. Felt good!


Sex Tip #16: Get it While You’re Young

[Don’t look at the pix at the end of this post until then.] 🙂

Gravity. I remember it. Or rather I remember when it wasn’t such a big deal.

At times I’ve lamented being sexually inactive before [gasp] 22. and the 7-9 years before then of not using my breasts to their fullest potential.

And I’m not complaining that I’m old and saggy and physically repulsive. I love my bod and appreciate it for all it is. But my gf is 19. I’m 26. Gravity exists for her, but not to the degree it does me.

And i get in moods sometimes when i regret my celibate teen years. But regret tends to replace lessons from various chapters in life. So I avoid giving in to regret.

The tip here is not to be a fuck-whore teenage Christian girl. The tip is to at the very least, enjoy your breasts and maybe share them with someone you are fond of. While yer under 20. That’s it.

So this pix, I saw it with buddy tonight. He liked this awesome cheerleader. And in my mind, I remembered breasts that had a stranglehold on gravity as these do.

Ah the good old days. 🙂

But at least I have my gf!