Sex Tip #16: Get it While You’re Young

[Don’t look at the pix at the end of this post until then.] 🙂

Gravity. I remember it. Or rather I remember when it wasn’t such a big deal.

At times I’ve lamented being sexually inactive before [gasp] 22. and the 7-9 years before then of not using my breasts to their fullest potential.

And I’m not complaining that I’m old and saggy and physically repulsive. I love my bod and appreciate it for all it is. But my gf is 19. I’m 26. Gravity exists for her, but not to the degree it does me.

And i get in moods sometimes when i regret my celibate teen years. But regret tends to replace lessons from various chapters in life. So I avoid giving in to regret.

The tip here is not to be a fuck-whore teenage Christian girl. The tip is to at the very least, enjoy your breasts and maybe share them with someone you are fond of. While yer under 20. That’s it.

So this pix, I saw it with buddy tonight. He liked this awesome cheerleader. And in my mind, I remembered breasts that had a stranglehold on gravity as these do.

Ah the good old days. 🙂

But at least I have my gf!


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