Sex Tip #19: The Rest of Us Are Better Than Strippers

Ok, This is Tina and Holly tonight.

First the point: Christian boys…don’t bother with strippers. We know it’s exciting to think about going, but honestly it’s not worth it. Even if your Christian girl is not a supermodel body type, get her to strip for you. Trust us, it’s way better. And Christian girls…don’t be offended if your Christian boy wants to see strippers. Go with him. Even if he goes with friends. Learn what the boys are looking at. Learn what the strippers are doing. Then go home and do your own version of it. Truth. It’ll be good for you, especially because while the strippers cannot touch themselves or the patrons, you can. 🙂

OK, so the story is not to denegrate strippers. I know some feminists oppose stripping and others accept it. I’m of mixed minds on that. Holly is a whore and loves them all.

Gordon [previously Barry in here] finally got around to telling us tonight about the strippers he went to see a few weeks ago with his cousin from Calgary. It seems in Calgary everyone goes to strippers. 🙂

So they go to Brandy’s in town. Expensive, high class. Above a massage parlour. Lots of good dancers. Lots of bored looking dancers.

Holly and I went to the Cecil one night last summer. Same kind of show. Mostly boring. Mostly a hassle keeping the smelly old men off us and finding a way to get drinks from the not smelly young men without having to blow them in their cars.

And Holly went to see a Burlesque show earlier in the summer and built a big crush on a girl. As Holly tells it, she was short, plump like her, bigger bottom though, very breasty and a Katie Holmes bob cut. And she did her dance and strip and was mildly blushing. The whole time. And she was excited to be doing it all. Amateur exhibitionism. Quite a rush. Holly asked her if she wanted company to the after party. She said she was meeting her friends so probably not. A polite rejection we all concluded. Too bad. Holly got all hot.

So Holly thinks amateurs get into it better then pro strippers. Could be.

But Gordon. They’re out at this swanky place and they’re watching stags and [odd] stagettes flow through the place but all the while, there’s a group of a half dozen girls sitting on the rail in the front row. Half of them are bi/les as they’re into mild necking sessions here and there. And some of them are into putting a 5 or a 10 in their teeth and getting to rub their faces into the strippers boobs to pass on the cash. I didn’t think that was allowed. I doubted Gordon. He swears it was true.

Anyway, Gordon and his cousin were at times more interested in watching these young girls and the young boys trying to get into their pants, than watching the more dull bored strippers. And as he tells it…

But then something miraculous happened. One of the girls at the railing starts necking with a boy who seemed to have been hanging around them all night. The she kneels on his chair straddling him. Still kissing.

Then she’s back standing on the floor leaning her bum against the rail. And the fellow bends over, lifts her dress and starts licking her pussy. Clearly pushing her panties around and just sucking her off. And the girlfriends get all antsy at this, watching it all. As is everyone else in the place. Then they all get their coats and leave.

And as Gordon says, it was the climax of the evening. Few dancers after that little show could hold anyone’s attention in the same way. Eventually he left and came over to my place for some 1am cuddles.

The moral of the story: amateur exhibitionism is far more effective than professionals. Who seem to be banned by law from doing anything too risque anyways!