Kinda Teacher, Kinda Pornstar

it’s been months since i’ve updated anyone in here about the beings of this human. so here goes! hold onto your socks and dildos!

teacher training is harrrrrrrrrrrrd. more work than anything in my BA. more rewarding too tho. also more of a challenge to what i think school ought to be about compared to the big old imagination-killing factory it seems for many…even for elementary students. poor kids. but some of them thrive, those that don’t fit in!

the biggest challenge is how many special needs kids there are all over the classes and how little support the teachers have, wiht an aid in here now and then at best. scary shit. even kids with mild autism. i wonder if i’ll ever really be adequately trained to deal with them all!

finished my BA last spring and came back to vancouver. said goodbye to my boytoy-at-school and left him with his new gf/toy. they’re still together. i’m skyping a few times a week with my old housemates. sniff.

brought home my whore of a teenage gf diane. got a nice homelife going with me and her and buddy. by the end of summer she hooked up nicely in vancouver’s porn scene. did 3 scenes in the last 2 months. avoids the coke [good girl], takes the E and pot thank you very much and is doing ok. best scene so far: her 2nd, spread eagle against the window in a 6th floor Hyatt hotel room at dusk.

and i did my porn debut, kinda indirectly. the sound guy on her last film does his own amateur porns. he filmed me tied on our couch, blindfolded, with diane biting my nipples. for like 5-6 minutes. the shot was real zoomed in on my breasts, with the camera moving around a bit to see my belly, my chin, my arms, hints at my pussy [where she had her fingers, good girl again!].

then he played the clip in a loop on a tv beside the bed where he filmed the “real” porn with diane and a guy from that 3rd film and his partner.

very erotic, the whole thing. lotsa real actual pain during my filming, but watching me on the tv, knowing it was me, while diane filmed the rest of it all was just amazing. tingly really. but that was as adventurous as i could become…at least for my first time. as it all goes, i like the no/low budget amateur porn production experience more than watching the “real” porn production.

oh, and i put a cross on during the filming of my little scene within a scene. 🙂

that has to do with this:

aside from that i have 20 minute chunks of free time most days each week. usually i stare at falling leaves. i’ll try hard to login a bit more and keep updating the world. mhuah mhuah!

in touch,