Strip Bong, Like Strip Poker But Better!

I admit I watched some of the hockey game tonight. But I missed the end so I could get home from my buds to host some other buds from the O.K. who are in town getting shitfaced downtown.

They came home tonight all tired at like 1030pm exhausted from lotsa partying.

Now I don’t approve of the Olympics for 87 reasons, but I love my buds and I know they like a good street party.

So with buddy and Diane and me, and the 3 of them, and 3 of buddy’s buds, 2 of whom brought bongs, we are at 4 bongs here tonight. No waiting. Almost no waiting, anyway.

And someone said we should play strip bong. like strip poker, but with bongs. ok, it was me who said it. i said “someone” because i didn’t wanna take credit for an idea with no bones.

see, strip bong sounds good, but i don’t know the rules of it. so a hollow kinda suggestion.

but i’m ok with it now.

Tostitoes help alot.

i think in the end. it will come down to some arbitrary “rule” like thing that will let people just get naked. i know some won’t want to. and that’s ok.

maybe we do a mystery bong. every time the second hand hits the 4, one of the bongs makes the person holding it take something off. yes, this has potential. so every minute at the 4, we draw a card and starting with the last bong that was magical, we could bongs until we get to the number on the card. then the person holding that bong takes something off.


I am a genius after all!

[25 minute pause]

ok, we’ve beta tested the rules. they work. and the special bit is that if someone is done stripping, no more hits for them. PRICELESS!

sex acts, are of course, optional.

now the goal is to figure out how to work a twister board into it all! 🙂

in touch,



Facebook Sucks. I’m Doing Twitter Now.

So 13 months ago, i shut off my internet life. lotsa things going on, lotsa stress in real life. lotsa reasons to stop this blog.

But something happened around that time that was kinda internet karma. someone reported me as inappropriate in Facebook. which is true. i’m pretty inappropriate. 🙂

But with Facebook’s fucked up sense of “OK”, it was destined to happen. i got bounced from Facebook twice before i figured out how not to get canned. losers.

But 13 months ago, it was a good time to leave and make a clean break. the trouble is, i lost touch with lotsa decent folks. and a fair share of sleazeballs who were fun to banter with. i don’t miss them. but the good people, i kinda miss them. but life goes on and they’ll cycle back in my life or not. there are almost 7 billion people in the world and billions of them are quality individuals.

So now i’m back into the blogging thing. i have lots more to say. i have lots to catch up on from my time offline.

And i’m doing it in twitter. not because it’s better than facebook, but because it’s different and less fucked up. short and sweet. like me. <blush> lol

And facebook has all that privacy bullshit and all the data mining, etc. i like the telegraph sense of twitter. who cares if homeland security is watching me in the open in twitter. i have nothing to hide and they don’t care about getting canadian teachers fired.

So it’s now retweet land for me. we’ll see how that all goes.

In touch,


Feng Shui Sex? Yes!


I quite enjoyed the meaty tidbits in this piece on Feng Shui in Sex. I practiced it the other morning. Diane was out all night at a gf’s so it was lonely in bed with Buddy.

Brewed a coffee. Slipped on a short nightie with nothing but air underneath. Came back into bed, sat beside him, waited for him to stir from the java lusciousness, then I waited for morning wood. Pretty quick.

It’s not like our home is trapped in routine or anything, but there are times when no sex takes place, and before we get up is one of them. Obviously. We’re still asleep. 🙂

So throw a monkey wrench into the day’s expectations and we’re groovin.

In the end, it worked out, in my end. 🙂

And we had plenty of time for a long bath and lotsa nipple licking, a real bonus for me.

So Feng Shui up your sex life? Automatically.

When Olympic Nipples Aren’t the Story, Actually

ok, it’s like 14 degrees in vancouver. the “spring” olympics are on and we had to fly in snow from 2 hours away by helicopter to make the moguls work.


i’m back from my time in victoria. we met just 2 hippie chicks. one of them took a shine to Faisel. lucky Faisel. she’s a christian, though, so she wouldn’t slide him off to her place to fuck him. that’s ironic eh! not that i didn’t try to liberate her, mind you.

anyway, i’m back in vancouver and i’m watching all the party-lovers having a good time downtown at the free venues and the screaming matches on granville. fuckers. i have a job. lots of teachers will have no fucking job in 5 months once the government gets through with screwing us. i’m going to get militant with my union, bitches. no shit.

wow. where did that come from!? 🙂

so i’m back in vancouver and buddy’s watching some olympics on the tube at the bar. we join up. we start drinking and this cute canadian figure skater and her dude finish their act and what do we see? happy nipples as she comes off the ice. she fell and stuff, so they’re not going to win, but all through the bar it’s all about the nipples.

now, i’m clearly no prude and i like the nipples. and i’m no fan of the fucking olympics $9 billion dollar handjob. but come on, the woman just had a shock to her system in her whole life’s work and the mainly goombas in the bar are all over her nipples. give it a break and figure it out when it matters.


Victoria Hippie Chicks

ok, this girl could live in Victoria right now:

click on it and you’ll see it’s from Boston in 1971, but there’s a kind of fashion vibe in Victoria, BC that i like to call hippie chick or earthy chick.

long hair. baggy jeans. loose t. flannel shirt, not buttoned. long hair, without product. maybe a bra. it’s a nice look.

what am i on about? well i’m in victoria now. mostly to not be in Vancouver. it’s just killing me. the Olympics are starting later today and for weeks the black helicopters have been buzzing around and grinning zombies with blue jackets are making everyone feel guilty for not loving how 6-10 billion dollars on this stupid party for the rich [gold medal men’s hockey tickets are going for $8-12,000 right now on ebay] have led to huge health, education and social service cuts.

pardon me for thinking it’s a waste of cash for a 2 week party that no one i know can afford to attend.

and since i’m sick, wicked cold, sinus bullshit too, i can either lie in bed at home or lie in bed at a Faisel’s apartment in Victoria. so i packed up my Diane and we hit the bus/ferry/bus to UVic. Faisel is Diane’s friend. they met at a poetry reading. how hippie eh!

he lives in an attic bachelor suite near campus. he has a porch that fits 3 people standing. exactly. it has a view of 3 arbutus trees.

great for smoking a spliff in honour of the Olympic torches which are shaped like joints. i love that.

dude has let us sleep in his bed. if it weren’t a double i’d invite him to join us. platonically of course. 🙂

he said he’s never had 2 girls sleep in his bed before. it titillates him to think about what we might do in his bed. whether he’s awake or asleep.

so we came over today. a box of tissues at the top of my backpack. we had dinner at the Reef. yum, of course. and drank pots and pots of tea tonight.

tomorrow and the weekend are who knows what. and if i’m better, it’s back home on sunday night.

but not before we do the Victoria hippie chick thing. since Diane and i dress like them as well we kinda fit in. at the Reef we saw 3 of them, individually, not in a pack. they often travel alone…easier to slide up beside them.

so our goal is to find 4 hippie chicks this weekend. tough call because i’m sick and i don’t know if i’m up for that much socializing/sex, but i’ll work on it.

and if you’re a hippie chick in Victoria, or know one, send me a note because i’m in your hood! hopefully in more ways than one!

in touch,


Crosses and Sexuality

First of all, welcome back…to me!

Being away for 14 months is a long time. Sorry for going so cold turkey. I had some awkward life/blog intersections that I usually try to keep separate. I was doing my teacher training last year and I had to quit the blog side for a bit. Now I’m happily employed teaching and life is settling down so I can find time and peace again for Sex Tips!

And on a really serious note, I had a couple late periods and one actual for-real pregnancy in the midst of the last year, which very sadly miscarried after 9 days. I’ll write about that more at some point. But basically it had the full range of emotions, from grief to relief [life circumstances and all], then guilt for feeling relief, then lotsa other things.

So no sex tip tonight, but an emerging hobby.

OK, I’ve already written about the place of crosses a bit in here. Here is the beginning of a compendium of nice pix of crosses and sexuality. Please send in any you have lying around! 🙂