Crosses and Sexuality

First of all, welcome back…to me!

Being away for 14 months is a long time. Sorry for going so cold turkey. I had some awkward life/blog intersections that I usually try to keep separate. I was doing my teacher training last year and I had to quit the blog side for a bit. Now I’m happily employed teaching and life is settling down so I can find time and peace again for Sex Tips!

And on a really serious note, I had a couple late periods and one actual for-real pregnancy in the midst of the last year, which very sadly miscarried after 9 days. I’ll write about that more at some point. But basically it had the full range of emotions, from grief to relief [life circumstances and all], then guilt for feeling relief, then lotsa other things.

So no sex tip tonight, but an emerging hobby.

OK, I’ve already written about the place of crosses a bit in here. Here is the beginning of a compendium of nice pix of crosses and sexuality. Please send in any you have lying around! 🙂


12 Responses

  1. Must say, it’s quite an image of a cross dangling between a Christian girl’s boobs as her guy thrusts himself into her sweet “innocent” pussy… she’s riding him hard, on top, as his manhood repeatedly thrusts. That cross swings between her boobs.

  2. could visualize a guy shooting of his cum into her and his penis slips outside her “innocent” pussy he’s filling… and some of his juices hit the cross that dangles so well between her well-proportioned boobs he felt-up earlier in their dating….. quite symbolic… 🙂

  3. Not so “innocent” Christian girls, if you ask me…

  4. well, who’s really innocent anyways eh. 🙂


  5. am curious if during their sex play, before the guy puts his penis in the Christian girl & fucks the life out of her pussy, while thrusting his hard cock between her boobs, some of cum spatters onto her neck, some or he pagan cum lands on that cross 🙂

  6. he carnally thrusts in & out between those ‘holy’ boobs, which bounce to his rythmn….. Pretty soon, his pagan cock will be inside her sweet “innocent” Christian pussy & his cum will fill her….

  7. hi tom. good question. i’ve DEFINITELY seen some pearl necklace crosses soaked in cum. and i’ve seen them sucked clean. i don’t wear a cross so i’ve not done so. but it’s juicy to watch indeed.

  8. dana, love your images! 🙂

  9. what would be really erotic is if the Christian girl had a cross tatooed on her tummy just above her hairy cunt…. so her guy, when he rubbed his penis onto her juicy pussy lips, could clearly see she’s a ‘godly’ woman 🙂

  10. love the tattoo idea! 🙂

  11. it makes the guy even hornier as he thrusts his penis between her boobs, to know she’s a religious girl. Soon, he will conquer her pussy…

  12. imagine many good christian girls have seen their guys’ cum shoot onto their cross necklaces & all over their boobs….

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