Victoria Hippie Chicks

ok, this girl could live in Victoria right now:

click on it and you’ll see it’s from Boston in 1971, but there’s a kind of fashion vibe in Victoria, BC that i like to call hippie chick or earthy chick.

long hair. baggy jeans. loose t. flannel shirt, not buttoned. long hair, without product. maybe a bra. it’s a nice look.

what am i on about? well i’m in victoria now. mostly to not be in Vancouver. it’s just killing me. the Olympics are starting later today and for weeks the black helicopters have been buzzing around and grinning zombies with blue jackets are making everyone feel guilty for not loving how 6-10 billion dollars on this stupid party for the rich [gold medal men’s hockey tickets are going for $8-12,000 right now on ebay] have led to huge health, education and social service cuts.

pardon me for thinking it’s a waste of cash for a 2 week party that no one i know can afford to attend.

and since i’m sick, wicked cold, sinus bullshit too, i can either lie in bed at home or lie in bed at a Faisel’s apartment in Victoria. so i packed up my Diane and we hit the bus/ferry/bus to UVic. Faisel is Diane’s friend. they met at a poetry reading. how hippie eh!

he lives in an attic bachelor suite near campus. he has a porch that fits 3 people standing. exactly. it has a view of 3 arbutus trees.

great for smoking a spliff in honour of the Olympic torches which are shaped like joints. i love that.

dude has let us sleep in his bed. if it weren’t a double i’d invite him to join us. platonically of course. 🙂

he said he’s never had 2 girls sleep in his bed before. it titillates him to think about what we might do in his bed. whether he’s awake or asleep.

so we came over today. a box of tissues at the top of my backpack. we had dinner at the Reef. yum, of course. and drank pots and pots of tea tonight.

tomorrow and the weekend are who knows what. and if i’m better, it’s back home on sunday night.

but not before we do the Victoria hippie chick thing. since Diane and i dress like them as well we kinda fit in. at the Reef we saw 3 of them, individually, not in a pack. they often travel alone…easier to slide up beside them.

so our goal is to find 4 hippie chicks this weekend. tough call because i’m sick and i don’t know if i’m up for that much socializing/sex, but i’ll work on it.

and if you’re a hippie chick in Victoria, or know one, send me a note because i’m in your hood! hopefully in more ways than one!

in touch,



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