Feng Shui Sex? Yes!


I quite enjoyed the meaty tidbits in this piece on Feng Shui in Sex. I practiced it the other morning. Diane was out all night at a gf’s so it was lonely in bed with Buddy.

Brewed a coffee. Slipped on a short nightie with nothing but air underneath. Came back into bed, sat beside him, waited for him to stir from the java lusciousness, then I waited for morning wood. Pretty quick.

It’s not like our home is trapped in routine or anything, but there are times when no sex takes place, and before we get up is one of them. Obviously. We’re still asleep. 🙂

So throw a monkey wrench into the day’s expectations and we’re groovin.

In the end, it worked out, in my end. 🙂

And we had plenty of time for a long bath and lotsa nipple licking, a real bonus for me.

So Feng Shui up your sex life? Automatically.


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