Facebook Sucks. I’m Doing Twitter Now.

So 13 months ago, i shut off my internet life. lotsa things going on, lotsa stress in real life. lotsa reasons to stop this blog.

But something happened around that time that was kinda internet karma. someone reported me as inappropriate in Facebook. which is true. i’m pretty inappropriate. 🙂

But with Facebook’s fucked up sense of “OK”, it was destined to happen. i got bounced from Facebook twice before i figured out how not to get canned. losers.

But 13 months ago, it was a good time to leave and make a clean break. the trouble is, i lost touch with lotsa decent folks. and a fair share of sleazeballs who were fun to banter with. i don’t miss them. but the good people, i kinda miss them. but life goes on and they’ll cycle back in my life or not. there are almost 7 billion people in the world and billions of them are quality individuals.

So now i’m back into the blogging thing. i have lots more to say. i have lots to catch up on from my time offline.

And i’m doing it in twitter. not because it’s better than facebook, but because it’s different and less fucked up. short and sweet. like me. <blush> lol

And facebook has all that privacy bullshit and all the data mining, etc. i like the telegraph sense of twitter. who cares if homeland security is watching me in the open in twitter. i have nothing to hide and they don’t care about getting canadian teachers fired.

So it’s now retweet land for me. we’ll see how that all goes.

In touch,



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