Strip Bong, Like Strip Poker But Better!

I admit I watched some of the hockey game tonight. But I missed the end so I could get home from my buds to host some other buds from the O.K. who are in town getting shitfaced downtown.

They came home tonight all tired at like 1030pm exhausted from lotsa partying.

Now I don’t approve of the Olympics for 87 reasons, but I love my buds and I know they like a good street party.

So with buddy and Diane and me, and the 3 of them, and 3 of buddy’s buds, 2 of whom brought bongs, we are at 4 bongs here tonight. No waiting. Almost no waiting, anyway.

And someone said we should play strip bong. like strip poker, but with bongs. ok, it was me who said it. i said “someone” because i didn’t wanna take credit for an idea with no bones.

see, strip bong sounds good, but i don’t know the rules of it. so a hollow kinda suggestion.

but i’m ok with it now.

Tostitoes help alot.

i think in the end. it will come down to some arbitrary “rule” like thing that will let people just get naked. i know some won’t want to. and that’s ok.

maybe we do a mystery bong. every time the second hand hits the 4, one of the bongs makes the person holding it take something off. yes, this has potential. so every minute at the 4, we draw a card and starting with the last bong that was magical, we could bongs until we get to the number on the card. then the person holding that bong takes something off.


I am a genius after all!

[25 minute pause]

ok, we’ve beta tested the rules. they work. and the special bit is that if someone is done stripping, no more hits for them. PRICELESS!

sex acts, are of course, optional.

now the goal is to figure out how to work a twister board into it all! 🙂

in touch,



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