“Debating” Patriotic, Christian, American Zealots

Wow. I love these wierd encounters in Twitter. I just ran across an American who is going on about how their empire’s decline is party of God’s plan for the second coming. I’ve heard that a lot before from egocentric Americans. I could make the same argument for Britain 100 years ago. Awful of me to be a history teacher and know a bit about past empires.


I’m trying to see if this person could explain to me coherently why America is at the centre of God’s plan. Here’s my Twitter conversation with SeasonsOfGrace. Crazy, man, just crazy shit.
@SeasonsOfGrace i’m sorry, what does jesus have to do with america’s decline? i don’t get that. 42 minutes ago via HootSuite

@HollyOrzabal If you are a Christian, you should know this. Study that Bible! STUDY IT! Read every day. That is God’s word to you! 30 minutes ago via web in reply to HollyOrzabal

@SeasonsOfGrace i am. i do. i was just wondering why so many americans think the state of their empire has something to do with His return. 32 minutes ago via HootSuite in reply to SeasonsOfGrace

@SeasonsOfGrace well, since “america” isn’t in the bible, i was looking for more than a fortune cookie answer. 26 minutes ago via HootSuite in reply to SeasonsOfGrace

@HollyOrzabal A fortune cookie? I’m no Chinese restaurant. I’m a Christian and I speak about these topics that is ALL. I’m ready to go, R U? 23 minutes ago via web in reply to HollyOrzabal

@SeasonsOfGrace isn’t He coming for me too? i’m a canadian. 26 minutes ago via HootSuite in reply to SeasonsOfGrace

@HollyOrzabal I didn’t ask if you were a canadian? I asked if you were a Christian. I still ask, do you read and study your Bible? 24 minutes ago via web in reply to HollyOrzabal

@SeasonsOfGrace i already answered that. i am a christian and i read the bible. can you tell me why the state of america’s empire matters? 23 minutes ago via HootSuite in reply to SeasonsOfGrace

@HollyOrzabal I say this in all sincerity and love, if you must ask if He’s coming for you; perhaps you need to have a LONG talk with Him. 22 minutes ago via web in reply to HollyOrzabal

@SeasonsOfGrace i’m not asking if he’s coming for me. i know he is. what’s up with the “america” thing? you sound like a bot. 20 minutes ago via HootSuite in reply to SeasonsOfGrace

@HollyOrzabal America has been and was founded on Godly principles. Our Constitution is based upon God. We have been so blessed…. 19 minutes ago via web in reply to HollyOrzabal

@HollyOrzabal We’ve been the world’s superpower for many years. Why? Because we were a Godly nation. Now we are not. And we are failing. 19 minutes ago via web in reply to HollyOrzabal

@HollyOrzabal God said, “I will bless those who bless thee &curse those who curse thee” speaking of Israel.What is the US doing to Israel? 18 minutes ago via web in reply to HollyOrzabal

@HollyOrzabal America has a LOT to do with the end times. But you live in socialism and you are not free, you don’t know what we know… 17 minutes ago via web in reply to HollyOrzabal

@SeasonsOfGrace standard america=centre of the universe stuff. ok. nuff said. how does this interpretation speak to christians in fiji? 16 minutes ago via HootSuite in reply to SeasonsOfGrace

@HollyOrzabal Well, I’m sorry if you think I sound like a bot. I’m just telling you the WAY IT IS. If you can’t accept that,then don’t read. 17 minutes ago via web in reply to HollyOrzabal

@HollyOrzabal Obviously you know nothing about our history (but many Americans don’t either) and you are NOT AMERICAN. We are not canadians. 16 minutes ago via web in reply to HollyOrzabal

@SeasonsOfGrace i’m a history teacher. i spent 2 weeks in dc 4 years ago. i know more of your history than you likely know of mine. 13 minutes ago via HootSuite in reply to SeasonsOfGrace

@HollyOrzabal No, you are wrong. Our country IS important to us.That is 1 difference.We love our country,we are patriotic.We R fighting now 13 minutes ago via web in reply to HollyOrzabal

@SeasonsOfGrace i live in socialism? you are deluded. how am i not free? we have a constitution and charter of rights. get educated. 12 minutes ago via HootSuite in reply to SeasonsOfGrace

@HollyOrzabal We are fighting for our freedom. We don’t appreciate socialism, we don’t want the government to “give” us things. 12 minutes ago via web in reply to HollyOrzabal

@HollyOrzabal I am speaking from my heart, what the Holy Spirit put on it. If you have a problem with Americans STAY IN CANADA. 12 minutes ago via web in reply to HollyOrzabal

@HollyOrzabal I know a lot. But I’m not debating you. You are ignorant. You are a bot because you are TOLD what you can and cannot do. 11 minutes ago via web in reply to HollyOrzabal

@HollyOrzabal History teacher, I am praying for you.Open that Bible and read it. Ask Jesus to forgive you for your sins and you will be free 10 minutes ago via web in reply to HollyOrzabal

@SeasonsOfGrace who tells me what i can and can’t do? 9 minutes ago via HootSuite in reply to SeasonsOfGrace

@HollyOrzabal LOL. Right. Canada is SOCIALIST. I’m not debating with YOU. I am talking about God and you are trying to distract me. 9 minutes ago via web in reply to HollyOrzabal

@SeasonsOfGrace are you praying for me because being a history teach is bad or because it’s important? 8 minutes ago via HootSuite in reply to SeasonsOfGrace

Pffft! the Canadian socialist is gone. I’m sorry friends. But I will not debate freedom AND GOD in the same conversation. Satan abounds. 8 minutes ago via web

@SeasonsOfGrace i’m honestly not trying to distract you. cuba, venezuela, n.korea, china are socialist. i have just free healthcare & K-12. 5 minutes ago via HootSuite in reply to SeasonsOfGrace


News Flash: Bible Doesn’t Reject Blowjobs and Anal Sex in Marriage!

ok, this one should be obvious, but let’s not judge people for asking sincere questions after all.

but here is a good question about where to go in the married bedroom:

QUESTION: “My wife and I love the Lord with all our hearts, and we don’t want to do anything to sin against Him. Our question is in the area of oral sex. Is it scripturally wrong for married couples?”

and the answer on the webpage is correct: the bible doesn’t forbid blowjobs or bum fucking. for married partners. and while the page has a link to onanism, and Sodomites, there is no godly or earthly reason why a man should not fuck his wife’s ass. and there is nothing against them in a healthy 69 escapade!

yay blow jobs and anal sex!

but here’s my commentary. the fact that good christians are so “led” to stop thinking for themselves that they have to ask such [and many other] questions is one of the things about conservative christianity i can’t deal with. obedience to the point of sacrificing one’s own mind.

now i’m not married and i love blowjobs and [more recently] anal sex. and i use my mind to determine that while unmarried i can partake of these delicious delights. and surely i’m going to hell for this, mostly because i’m unrepentant. according to the conservative church anyway.

but i’m not so conservative, so that’s ok with me.

in the end, the bible has no comments on my vibes, lubes, girlfucking, girls grinding on the dance floor at Lick, or what i do to my girlfriend in the tub.

we must use our minds, oh children of god! and let us pray that our bodies are aligned with our minds and we can figure out what is sensible without turning to the likes of the pastor at my childhood church, who really had his head up his ass.

i wonder what the bible says about that.

WebCam Girls with a Heart of Gold

ok, so there’s lotsa places to find webcam girls and MyFreeCams.com is an interesting one.

dozens of girls. exhibitionism to the people! liberation!

and while many are in a nice bra/panty set, some are going gyno thumping. lotsa eastern european women. lotsa fun. 🙂



but there are two worth mentioning. while many don’t talk at all, some talk a lot. Blaire and WildLovexxx.

i met Blaire several nights ago. she was talking about her life, her loves/passions/sexuality/etc. very refreshing to see someone’s soul/personality.

i ran into WildLovexxx this afternoon on my sick day, which wasn’t sick as much as a mental health day.

she too was chatty about her life and interests, etc.

and while WildLovexxx was ok being mostly topless, Blaire is a no-nude cam girl. very interesting because the site is all about sex. except there were 200-400 people in each of their cam/chatrooms when i saw them.

so presenting an actual personality seems to kick in well.

and frankly, these are two girls, i would enjoy going for a beer with. like younger cousins.

sure, they’re attractive and exhibitionists and sexy and all that, but they are also really interesting people. and i hate to say it, but there are precious few who would be a lot of fun going out for a beer with for more than about 45 minutes. both of these two girls hit that.

Sex Tips for Christian Girls #21: Hug More, Grope Less

Last week at church I re-met Bethany. She went by Beth in September when she first came to church. She was new to UBC and checking out churches. Turns out she spent most of the year at one of the churches on campus. Now she’s back here. Had some awkward relationship/friendship weirdness at that church. Some catty chicks. Been there, felt that.

So we caught up a bit after church last week and set a time to go out to see Alice in Wonderland tonight.

Ok, so it’s a crush and that’s ok. When we met at the theatre with like 20 minutes to spare, tix were sold out so we went for a beer. Which in reality was a pitcher of sangria. And we talked for a while and figured on trying again next week for the movie.

So we were heading back to the train to head home, rode the train and at my stop she got off too cuz we were in the middle of a discussion about Johnny Depp. A luscious conversation.

And after a few minutes I was about to go and I gave her a hug.

Hugging is good. Always. I hate shaking hands. Lame. 🙂

And the hug was the kind of hug after the kind of evening where I wanted to turn it into a groping hug and bum squeezing hug and pelvis bumping hug and an invitation to come back to my place so we could play around.

And after all these months and tonight and everything I was not sure she would go for that. And now that I’m all mature and wise and not young and stupid [always, anyway] I just hugged her with the love of a friend and I injected no sexual overtures into it.

I just held her. For the normal length of  a hug. And when I was loosening up at the end of the normal length, she wasn’t letting go, so i re-held on. Just hugging in a motionless holding.

And she just got warmer. Not emotionally [though she was], like physically. Keeping the hold on, waiting for me to do something other than just hold her. And the warmer was the rising tension of something not yet happening.

And if it all ended there, that would have been just fine. A warm, tender, loving friend hug. Felt good.

But she pulled out and smiled at me and kissed my cheek. Spectacular. I felt so loved and desired and hot and wanted and affirmed and and and and…

So I smiled big and putting one hand on her cheek I kissed her other cheek. And while my other hand could quite easily have done nothing, I nevertheless put it on her hip. But mostly back around her hip. Not quite on her ass, not quite on her thigh, but behind her hip enough so I could pull it about an inch closer to me.

And we said goodnight and I left. And heading up the escalator I looked back and she was standing there looking forward to where the train would take her closer to her home. And with her right hand she brushed her hair back from in front of her left shoulder to behind her shoulder, then she slid her hand from her shoulder down along her breast and crossed her arms.

And that, that, that is the thing I want to do to her the next time I see her.

Maybe we can agree to wear skirts to Alice when we actually go to see it. 🙂

Sex Tip #20: Yoga’s Back Bend Pose and Fucking

ok this is simple.

this back bend pose is not easy but it’s not killer. i used to cry doing it, but i’m getting quite good now.

fucking in yoga poses is a real treat for your muscles and soul.

the post-dinner, pre-clubbing fuck tonight used back bend. but with a variation.

diane sat cross-legged behind me, to support me when i drew backwards into the pose so i wasn’t having to hold my own weight.

buddy spent some time slurping my pussy while my legs were wider than i usually do in just the yoga pose.

after i was well wet, he slid into me.

a combination of flexing, relaxing, tensing, then leaning on diane helped the whole motion thing to augment what buddy got going.

when he came, i was able to hold my whole lower body flexed for like an hour before letting go of his cock. ok, it wasn’t so much an hour, but it felt like it. probably 30-45 seconds though.

and while i don’t usually see stars when i fuck, the culmination of the sex and the flexing and the orgasm drifted me slightly out of consciousness and into that delirium place.

so. while lotsa christian girls don’t do yoga because they think it’s heathen, many do.

and if you do and if you can prop yourself in behind by a trusty girlfriend or boyfriend while a fellow fucks you in front, you will find the back bend pose a warm, receptive position to be lusciously fucked.


in touch,