6 Reasons to Have Casual Sex? Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes

6 Reasons to Have Casual Sex | Sex & Relationships | AlterNet.

ok, so i’m down for all 6.

1. Asserting your desires can create a tremendous sense of power.


2. It might help you transcend your inhibitions.

“This is the very target at which critics aim their arrows—how can women enjoy sex without an emotional connection?!—but this lack of investment can be freeing. It’s the same relative anonymity that causes some people to blurt out their deepest secrets to their hairdresser or a taxi driver.”

yes, or the girl in the coffee shop in montreal. then you start dating. then you drag her back to vancouver with you and put her pix at the top of your blog! 🙂

so true!

3. You’ll learn more about your sexuality

um, fuck yeah.

4. You might learn about yourself emotionally

“The fear and propaganda around one-night stands isn’t just sexist, it’s illogical. Bad long-term relationships involving miscommunication, unmet expectations, and lies are just as likely to damage participants as any sexual disappointment on a short-term scale.”

this is why i gleefully call myself a whore. to defuse the judgement that i get as a loose woman, when men are admired for the same behaviour.

5. You might be a better partner in a committed sexual relationship

“If you’ve experienced sex as a vehicle for relatively emotionally uncomplicated pleasure, you may even be less likely to go along with sex you don’t want, or to seize upon sex as a tool for manipulation.”

life’s short. try it once, if you don’t like it, move on. ok, maybe try it twice with a second partner. 🙂

“Another recent study, one conducted on 1,311 Minnesotans between the ages of 18 and 24, found that there was no correlation between emotional or mental distress and casual sex.”


6. You’ll learn more about sex

liberation, some more.

jury’s in. get on it.

and to celebrate, the next cute chick i see in a coffee shop, sorry not starbucks tho, i’m going to flip my hair, bat my eye lashes and lean in close to see if she’d like to fuck me.

who will join me on this grand quest!?



ok, i just woke up and can’t get this outta my head.

perhaps the morning will bless me with clarity.

MILFs are hot and popular. it’s fun for young boys to dream of fucking their friends’ moms. is it socially acceptable to do it because usually it’s the middle aged dad who dumps the family and marries his 22 year old secretary, so MILFing is evening it up?

but what of DILFs?

are there DILFS that are any different from that balding, paunched Corvette buying douchebag?

can a 16 year old girl fuck the 39 year old dad of her class mate and it be ok?

it seems like no.

it seems like a power imbalance or a violation or a rape, of a kind.

but then is it ok if it’s a MILF and a 16 year old boy?

it seems more ok. maybe it’s still a power violation, but it’s culturally popular.

all else being equal tho, and if it’s not a rape/violation, is it the case that because DILFs and teen girls is less socially acceptable, girls are being discriminated against because it’s not cool to fuck their friends’ dads?

put another way, is MILFs as a thing, another way to disempower girls [not older women, mind you]?

what dyou say?

Porn for Women. Yummy.

The basic sex tip is simple. Porn is [can be] good. Now, I’m biased because I’ve skated through porn circles and approve of lots that I have seen and not so much of some things.

And while I’m far from a hardcore capitalist, I think the porn industry can improve if women are more critical as consumers. Here’s something cool I read. I may even read this book. OK, skim it. 🙂

To quote Erika Lust – “We want sexually explicit images, but we want to call the shots when it comes to how they are made.” She also says, “We want films that are made for adult women, films that show us real women, films that tell us about our sexuality. We don’t want to be portrayed as passive objects or victims but as active subjects giving and receiving pleasure. We want to see other women enjoying themselves.”

– From http://lovecoachjourney.wordpress.com/2010/07/30/adult-movies-designed-to-appeal-to-women/

My bf is not big into cocks. Porn for men is about the cumshot. He likes it because he puts himself in the place of the pornstar.


Get it, porn industry?

This is the kind of thing I want more of! So don’t make me do it for myself. I will and I will enjoy it, but I will also pay for it.

In touch,