6 Reasons to Have Casual Sex? Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes

6 Reasons to Have Casual Sex | Sex & Relationships | AlterNet.

ok, so i’m down for all 6.

1. Asserting your desires can create a tremendous sense of power.


2. It might help you transcend your inhibitions.

“This is the very target at which critics aim their arrows—how can women enjoy sex without an emotional connection?!—but this lack of investment can be freeing. It’s the same relative anonymity that causes some people to blurt out their deepest secrets to their hairdresser or a taxi driver.”

yes, or the girl in the coffee shop in montreal. then you start dating. then you drag her back to vancouver with you and put her pix at the top of your blog! 🙂

so true!

3. You’ll learn more about your sexuality

um, fuck yeah.

4. You might learn about yourself emotionally

“The fear and propaganda around one-night stands isn’t just sexist, it’s illogical. Bad long-term relationships involving miscommunication, unmet expectations, and lies are just as likely to damage participants as any sexual disappointment on a short-term scale.”

this is why i gleefully call myself a whore. to defuse the judgement that i get as a loose woman, when men are admired for the same behaviour.

5. You might be a better partner in a committed sexual relationship

“If you’ve experienced sex as a vehicle for relatively emotionally uncomplicated pleasure, you may even be less likely to go along with sex you don’t want, or to seize upon sex as a tool for manipulation.”

life’s short. try it once, if you don’t like it, move on. ok, maybe try it twice with a second partner. 🙂

“Another recent study, one conducted on 1,311 Minnesotans between the ages of 18 and 24, found that there was no correlation between emotional or mental distress and casual sex.”


6. You’ll learn more about sex

liberation, some more.

jury’s in. get on it.

and to celebrate, the next cute chick i see in a coffee shop, sorry not starbucks tho, i’m going to flip my hair, bat my eye lashes and lean in close to see if she’d like to fuck me.

who will join me on this grand quest!?


6 Responses

  1. Um, this blog is tittled sex for Christian girls right? Well the bible preaches about “no touch love” and how we are creating a great sin against our bodies if we have sex before marriage and that we loose a little part of our souls to that person each time…. I was just wondering why are you condoning it. It may be what you say but it’s not what God says, and as a christian your misrepresenting God.

  2. hiya. thanks for weighing in!

    yes, i know lots of places in the bible that preach against lust and fornication. thanks for that.

    i would LOVE if you would define, with biblical references, “no touch love”. 🙂

    i condone pre-marital sex because i think the bible’s compilers had a social agenda to oppress people, largely women.

    those who believe the bible to be a literal word of god disagree with pretty much everything on my website.

    they, however, are not the only christians in the world. other christians view god differently, so by definition they misrepresent god, but it all depends on your perspective.

    if you disagree with someone, they misrepresent god. who’s right? you? because you’re a biblical literalist?

    you can’t be right just because you say you are.

    meanwhile i had sex 3 times yesterday and grew closer to each of my 2 partners. i lost nothing of me except some control fantasies.

  3. dude?! I can’t judge with what kind of perspective you had right now. Yeah! I know one of human inclination is this… I accept it. However, we had all the freedom on how we handle this, that is why there is a word “SACRIFICE” — sacrificing ones human desires in order to attain peace and harmony. I’m not saying that you’re destroying the peace and harmony, but I wish it won’t come on to that stage though!

    GOD speed!

  4. well, i can’t recall how that day there was a lack of peace or harmony. there was a great deal of sacrificing amongst partners for mutual pleasure.

    but i’m not really sure what you are saying about that stage.

  5. So if I may throw my 2 cents in here, I found your comments regarding the double standard regarding a man’s conquests and loose woman’s depravity to be so bang on. As a person who has been in various 3somes and moresomes I can honestly say that I have never liked the idea that a woman would be judged and disparaged for enjoying a 12 hour session with 2 or 3 guys when I ended up being cheered for being with 2 or 3 women.

    Honesty is the only important factor in all of this because it is only when lies are involved that expectations can be made and not met.

    Personally, I respect a woman that knows what she wants and puts it out there. I have never called a woman a ho, whore or slit in anger. Otherwise I would have to call myself the same. I am sure there is some sort of saying about a glass house and stones that would fit this scenario.

    And for those who would expect a person to resist their natural urges when there is no one being hurt. Nothing is to be gained from celibacy!

  6. word. you rock!

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