How did you find me?

My wordpress stats are always good for a hoot.

Here I am, trying to find things to do in the next several days to ward off the start of school [denial, i know], and i’m trolling my stats for the search terms people use to get to…me. Here are the best of the 1’s [spelling is, of course, optional!]:

Search Views
braless at church 1
sex girls 1
fucking pose & tips 1
how to introduse your swettie to anal sex 1

Braless at church. I’m so impressed that anyone would think to google that. How awesome!

In touch,


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3 responses to “How did you find me?”

  1. Connie N Kalamazoo

    Best blog on the web. Smart, witty, sexy and erotic (of course) but not prurient. Love the idea of no bra and short skirts with not panties. The way that I like to be. Also a teacher.

  2. aren’t you sweet!

    had to look up prurient. heard it before, just forgot the meaning.

    but the kicker: do you go braless in church? πŸ™‚

    cuz it’s easy to go braless, etc. at home and shit. but doing it out. that’s the thing. and then church.

    in touch,

  3. I do a lot of searches for “Christian sex.”
    It’s a topic that’s of interest to me.

    One thing I love to read about is sweet Christian girls giving-up Christian “innocences” to the pagan guys they date.

    I fantasize about watching these “good Christian girls” open their legs wide & “welcoming” their heathen boyfriends’ cocks into them.

    Here they are.. these sweet Christian girls allowing the godless men they date to be the first to fuck them… to get the first crack @ their innocent Christian pussies & pop their cherries.

    They never would let their Christian boyfriends do more than finger their vaginas, but as they got a little older in college, allowed these pagan boyfriends be the first to burst their holy hymens with their foreheads.

    As the guy slowly entered their Sister In Christ pussies, I wonder what was going through their minds…
    Were they thinking of God, Jesus or their faith?
    Or their vow to remain virginal until marriage?

    Such thoughts likely didn’t last long nor prevent them from blocking the guy.

    As the guy poised his impressive cock just outside her “innocent” pussy …. does she take her hands & try to “block” him ???
    I laugh at the term “innocent” as she’s let him kiss & suck her & earlier, she went down on him until she got a taste of his sweet pagan cum, which filled her Christian mouth πŸ™‚ ….
    As she’s let him go this far, it really isn’t that big a stop to engage in the ultimate, and completely give her Christian innocence to this guy.
    Who knows, he may respect her “obedience” by becoming completely subservient to his hungry pagan cock πŸ™‚

    A really arousing site is visualizing the good Christian girl riding her guy HARD.
    As she maneuvers her pussy up and down his hungry pagan cock, that cross necklace she wears bounces between her sexy boobs, which he kisses & sucks on, delighting in all her sexual beauty.

    That cross, however, is symbolic of her surrendering to the world’s lusts & carnality.

    Earlier, in their sex-play before she gave-in to him, some of his spermy cum spattered onto that cross as he titty-fucked her as she laid on her back…. engaging in much “everything….but” with him, which she felt was “safer” than giving him her sweet Christian pussy, which for years has been “off limits” to the men she dated.

    The near-sex gets to her, however, especially as he eats her sweet pussy.

    The pagan guy will never forget the look on his sweet Christian girlfriend’s eyes he saw as he looked up from eating her.
    She moaned like crazy as he tongued, kissed and ate her and without telling him, fantasized about his cock fucking her.

    He grabs & gropes her breasts as he gives her orgasm after orgasm with his tongue. He notices her eyes are closed.

    After about 20 minutes of making love to her pussy orally, her pagan guy raises his mouth to her’s. She opens her legs a little as he moves his lips to her’s.

    She’s so delighted by all these feelings he’s given her that she has no intention of stopping him like she did earlier with him (& other guys) when without warning her, he begins to slowly slide his penis into her virgin pussy…

    Indeed, she takes it by her loving hands & helps “guide” him in.

    He slowly moves it in, feeling the tightness of her virgin “good girl” Christian pussy, which in a matter of milliseconds will be all his.

    He looks deep into her eyes as his forehead nears her hymen.
    He pauses it there before pushing it deeper, as if to give her a chance to “change her mind” & return to the naΓ―ve, giggling virgin good girl she was before that night…

    Few go back & even if she did, she can’t really call herself an “innocent virgin” as his penis is most of the way in her πŸ™‚
    @ 24, she, the devout Christian woman, wants to be fucked and is glad he’s so willing to “introduce” her to the world of sex and dating.

    But before he has a chance to hear if she wants to stop the lovemaking ( he doesn’t really want to, it’s more of a game to him. He’s fucked many innocent Christian girls), she wraps her arms around his buttocks & raises her abdomen & moves her body closer to his.
    Because she’s holding him tight as a vice-grip, he can’t back-out even if he wanted to & her grabbing him forces his forehead to burst her holy hymen…

    After his penis bursts her hymen, he slowly plunges it deeper into her now non-virgin pussy, which is all his.

    They fuck in all sorts of positions and she doesn’t mind he never wears a condom, though she didn’t take BC.
    Throughout the night, she moans and breathes heavily as he introduces her to the world of sex and dating and she enjoys getting “better acquainted with penises.
    The sweet innocent Christian girl has now become a woman.

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