hello again my dearies!

it’s been a great year. lotsa fun irl. lotsa busy times at work. lots of stress but nothing inducing dull stares and stress leaves.

but i’ve neglected all of you, for which i sincerely apologize.

but something i’ve noticed in my writing time away is that my blog’s become quite popular. and in england. i don’t know why. you tell me, uk dudes.

so here’s a new sex tip for yall. simple. call dibs. if you don’t you’re stupid. if you think you’re being noble, all’s fair in love and war. call dibs.

that’s for the boys mainly, but girls, you need to know that dibs are or aren’t being called on you. and you either need to manipulate the situation or play a card if you don’t want to be dibbed. and if you are in a position where no one is calling dibs, it’s all for you.

what do i mean?

meet bill. bill is a nice christian boy. man. he’s 33. he broke up with his gf of 4 years last summer. he actually went to a counsellor to figure out why he wanted out. brought up a lot of family of origin stuff. he’s a stellar guy.

i met bill late last year. we actively didn’t date, tho we hung out a lot. i wouldn’t date him because of my bf and gf. i’m taken. but i like bill a lot. and we kept going out. and he was pretty open about how he wanted to date me. we worked that out pretty cool. it was just a no. and he was good with that because he was exercising that assertive muscle that so many nice boys refuse to work out.

so, back to dibs.

he met a girl in university about 10 years ago. they were in a class together one semester. then again the next semester. he got to know her as a random classmate the first time. liked her. thought she was hot, but he was shy. she was too, not a player, so bill didn’t push anything because he thought he had time.

in that next semester, he saw her for a few weeks in class. didn’t push anything. wouldn’t get assertive. then all of a sudden his roommate starts dating a girl he met at a friend’s church. shy, cute, long brown hair, nice curvy body. he’s jealous. why not. turns out after a few dates, roommate comes home and says that his gf is in one of bill’s classes. that girl.

now, honestly he couldn’t call dibs. it wasn’t like that. it wasn’t like they both saw her at a bar and did rock paper scissors. he’s lost the opportunity because his roommate met her independently. he just lost out.

so does he tell her that he wants her? of course not. his roommate is dating her.

so he begins to live vicariously through their relationship. she spends lots of time over at their place because she lives with her parents.

all being christians, everything is very platonic. there is no sex, nothing sinny. just wholesome courting. and bill has no reason to believe anyone’s doing anything sinny. sure she sleeps over. sure she showers there, sure they go away for a weekend away here and there. but it’s a don’t ask, don’t tell. no one has to question whether there’s anything to bring up with the pastor.

at the same time, bill assumes lots is going on. and it helps with his masturbating. but that’s private too. as is his hidden boner when she’s over in the winter, wearing pajamas and a housecoat and the roommate is out at night with a client at a conference downtown or something. bill just KNOWS she’s not wearing anything under those pajamas.

so bill finds his own gf and dates and then another and another and they move in together. that’s the relationship that ended recently.

so, roommate and that girl get married 8 years ago. and they start a life. and in recent years, bill and his gf and his married friends develop a nice couples friendship. even going on vacations together. no mfmf, but that doesn’t stop bill from continuing to use her as an object of masturbation. that’s private so it’s separate from his relationship anyway.

but the intersection of the 3sum gets complicated a few months ago, after bill has been through some therapy and figured out a bunch of his shit.

he’s now a 3rd wheel again with that his old roommate and his wife. not in an “in the way” way, but just it’s an odd number now.

and he’s invited over to dinner now and then, as good christians [and old friends] do. one night in july, he goes over to their apartment after work for dinner but he’s out with a client and would join them for a later dinner.

she greets him at the door and they hug. as always. but this hug lingers. she lingers it. and when she finally releases him, she turns to her left and rubs her boobs along bill’s chest as she’s turning away. completely gratuitous sexual contact. not accidental. but bill thinks maybe this doesn’t mean as much as his throbbing manhood wants it to mean. i mean, come on. she’s married.

they have a beer and chat for an hour or so before hubby comes home. during that talk, questions about loneliness come up. like, is he lonely now.

bill says he’s actually feeling good now. not lonely. just alone. and that’s ok. and oddly, he felt lonely in the last couple years of his relationship. even though he was not single. and that once they broke up, the loneliness left. very odd. but it makes sense.

it makes more sense when you add in the lack of closeness, which is what she asks about next. lots of coy, deflected talk about how bill’s relationship had been “drifting and distant”. all it meant was he hadn’t successfully had sex with his gf for many months. they’d tried, but she wasn’t into it or she was sliding into a place of what he calls vaginal rejection. not frigidity but just not all that relaxed enough for a good fuck, even with lots of foreplay. maybe that’s frigidity he thinks. i think it is.

so then bill gets brave and says, what the fuck. and tells her what he means by distant. the no sex, the platonic roommate relationship, the problem getting her to release her tension and let him in her. and how in the end, the only times he’s had an orgasm with her in their last year was in the shower when she’d get him to slide his cock in between her legs, in and out, until he came. and she’d get off on the cock-clit loving.

and so, bill concludes, that he was lonelier with her than he had been with her. and now he’s just alone.

so, girl married to his friend, who’s been listening with empathy and understanding talks about being able to relate to that story. they’d been through the 7 year itch and no one had an affair or anything, but they’d fell into a groove that was boring. a rut, he asks. yes, a rut. and, she snorts a bit, she can relate to the dry stretch without sex. husband is engaged and loving, but not so interested. so bill starts getting a boner. duh.

and this is a kind of place where he should be thinking of calling dibs, which is what i tell him at this point in the story. and again, it’s not like they’re at a bar seeing a new girl. there’s a decade of history, but i say sure, but that’s all being reset. not that they’re magically divorced, but she’s in play. but i know that because he’d already teased me with the end of the story, so i know where it’s going.

and she goes on a bit talking about her speculation. is he sleeping around. is he gay. is he just not into her anymore. do they need some more sexy spice. she goes, “i mean, i’ve still got the same body, plus maybe 15 pounds but all that has added to my curves.” and bill describes her body to me. big boobs but not huge, though full enough when he remembers her in pajamas a decade ago. hippy like me about about the same size waist as me, not killer hourglass, but curvy. and this night she’s wearing a scoop-T with a modest amount of cleavage catching the light.

and after describing her weight gain, she leans forward and touches the gap between her boobs and says she still has what it takes for loving.

“i’d say” says bill, nervous, but happy. “would you” she replies. “yes.”

then she talks about more sexy spice and doing something about a dissatisfying part of life as opposed to sitting around waiting for life to improve. and that she wants to put a bit of an ultimatum to her husband, do you want to hear my plan.

bill: yes.

she says that she doesn’t want to grill bill about anything her husband may or may have told him about their marriage and make him betray any confidences [which it turns out he carries none], but at dinner that night she wants to take advantage of bill being there to kind of confront her husband, in a kinda christian accountability kinda way. but the ultimatum is that she’s tired of sex being non-existent or unfulfilling and she insists that change. and that she wants to have sex with bill that night after dinner [and this isn’t adultery because there’s no deception!]. and that she doesn’t want to exclude her husband, but include him of course. but that if he isn’t into at least being in the room or being involved, she still wants to have sex with bill. she needs more and she’s going to do something to get more. what do you think of that plan, she says. because i love you like a brother, but you’re not a brother and in the end i knew you first anyway.

and in bill’s mind is the logical part reviewing her plan and seeing the logic in it. but that’s like 8% of his head while the rest of his entire existence is about fucking his friend’s wife tonight “for free”. and this is definitely a dibs moment.

he says the plan sounds daring. and spicy for sure. and risky. but really interesting.

and she says she’s happy to hear that. and she touches the cock track between her boobs again and says she just won’t be waiting anymore to get things going.

so bill asks how long has it been since she’s had sex. it’s been months.

but she goes on to say she’s really committed to the plan. she thought it up a few weeks earlier and chickened out once already when they all went out to dinner. she didn’t want to spring it on bill in case he said no or got feeling awkward. so tonight was a chance to avoid that problem/excuse.

and she says that no matter what she’s having sex tonight, but because she will do it with someone else anyway, she wants to totally commit to the plan by getting started now.

so bill does the time math in his head and calms down thinking that they’ve got lots of time before the husband comes home [such the home wrecker!] and says yes.

so up she gets off the couch and up he gets and they walk together and she hugs him again. very long this time. and she pulls back a bit and rubs her right hand down her left breast, pushing her bra and T down to release her “absolutely killer tit.” bill’s words.

so he grabs it with one hand and her ass with the other and she’s rubbing his cock. then there’s the kissing and nipple sucking and his hand down her pants where it’s all hot and wet.

and the fucking on the living room floor is fast, like 4 minutes. and bill’s thinking no worries about his friend getting home. silly to be nervous about that. dreaming of fucking her for a decade. imagining her under her pajamas. imagining her while she’s in the shower. stealing glances at her in the pool, just getting a sense of the cut of her hip bones and how her tits move in the water.

and when they get into the fucking, she’s so wet he wants to pump lots, but he barely had much chance to pull back because she was pulling him in so hard. all the while sucking his tongue like she was giving it a bj.

and her hip grinding made her shudder when she came and she started catching her breath, and despite the lack of pumping to get him towards cumming, her breath is what made him shoot it.

and he stayed hard for the 19 hours it felt like she just held him in her.

and while he didn’t have a chance to call dibs a decade ago, he did that night.

and while they laid there naked on the floor, they talked about lots of history. early mutual crushes. what if thoughts. confirmation that she was fucking her roommate [before marriage, shock!], sometimes when he was also in the apartment. sometimes when they were in the shower after being downstairs in the pool. once she rubbed him off under the blanket on the couch once bill fell asleep watching a movie with them. and many other confessions and fantasies.

and he spent a good amount of time sucking her tits, which he had fixated on for such a long time.

then they cleaned up, got dressed [with dry panties for her], talked some more and had dinner.

and with 2 glasses of wine in her, she drops the bomb on her husband and pitches her plan. and he’s floored. and he decides by the look on bill’s face that it’s shocking to him to, when in reality it was just being there for the bomb.

but ultimately he says if he says no, it’ll happen anyway. so he can’t go out or something. so he says he’d stay. and admitted some curiosity in watching his wife fuck someone else.

and after more beer and wine they’re in the bedroom and while he watches, bill spends a crazy amount of time rubbing her tits and pussy and ass before even stripping her. then bill takes a bj while fingering her, then being low on semen, he spins around and fucks her. and despite what happened earlier, when he gets close to cumming she gets him to pull out and cum in her mouth. she says she wants her husband to cum in her.

and after bill cums, she pulls her husband over and though he suggests some privacy, she says bill should get to watch too. and from his vantage point, they appeared to have some great sex. she rode his face for a while. she sucked him tenderly and she let him ram her in the way that bill wanted to earlier.

and after he came, and some cuddling, he rolled off her and she pulled the cum out and rubbed it onto her bush and clit until she got all sticky with that beautiful anarchy of cum tangled pubes.

“ok, i’m gonna head out now” is all bill could really pull together after some silent minutes, post-coital. no formal goodbyes or conversations. everyone was quite wasted.

and i checked last week. that was the last bill had contact with them. he decided to leave it in their court for communication. but after labour day, he’s going to call her and check things out. and while he certainly wants to fuck her again [and again and again and again], he’s prepared to either never see them again, fuck her secretly or openly, or see everything go back to normal, or something in between. my fingers are crossed for more fucking. of course.

so dibs. be assertive. take advantage of moments. girls, call dibs too, and put yourself into a dib-able position. and if circumstances conspire to remove a dibs opportunity, you may simply have to wait 10 years. or be on the lucky end of someone else in the future losing a dibs opportunity. trust the universe. but don’t sit back and wait for naked partners to hop into your lap. go out and get some!

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14 responses to “Dibs”

  1. So is this primarily a sex stories site?
    If so, okay.

    I have this fantasy of doing some “everything…but” with a virgin Christian lady.
    My thrusts up against her wet vagina, after I’ve kissed and sucked her innocence, are “too much” for her and she gives-in.

    Want to see the look in her eyes as I move my hungry Christian cock closer to her, about to go in to a place no man has ever gone..

    As I enter and thrust, wonder what she’s thinking as she shows me her Christian love.

    Before I’m about to cum, I ask if she’d want me to cum in her.
    She asks me to pull-out “in time.”

    We continue and her vagina, though virginal, satisfies me immensely as my penis bursts her hymen.

    After entering and plunging deeper, I start to spasm and as I start to withdraw, she draws me closer with her hands wrapped around my buttocks, holding me tighter, preventing me from withdrawing.

    “…I want ALL of you,” she tells me.

    I can’t hold-back and my cum flows into her beautiful, “innocent” pussy..

  2. sex stories? well, there are lots of stories, lots of tips. no fiction, though. if that’s what you mean.

    i like this christian on christian fantasy.

    it’s pretty intense. does it come from a place of you as a virgin?

    in touch,

  3. Place of me as a virgin?

  4. Am curious why you think I’m a virgin? Or come from that place….

    Would a “Christian” woman like yourself consider any “less” of me for not having entered a woman before and expressed myself sexually with another Christian girl in that way, the way I’d want?

  5. i don’t think you’re a virgin. i was just asking, mostly because most christians are virgins for at least some of the beginning of the sexually active era of their lives.

    but if you read my blog you’d see i don’t judge. at. all. 🙂

    so no i’d think no less of you if you were a virgin or a manslut.

    people should be free to express their sexuality however they like. that’s the key point i want to affirm with my blog!

    tell me more: real life or fantasy or both!

    in touch,

  6. I like this part of the story:

    “….and while they laid there naked on the floor, they talked about lots of history. early mutual crushes. what if thoughts. confirmation that she was fucking her roommate [before marriage, shock!], sometimes when he was also in the apartment. sometimes when they were in the shower after being downstairs in the pool. once she rubbed him off under the blanket on the couch once bill fell asleep watching a movie with them. and many other confessions and fantasies….”

    It likely was a fuckfest, the Christian girl and her BF, doing those things.
    Could see her, as her guy thrusts into her sweet vagina on the floor, her legs spread “wide-open,” telling him,
    “…. quiet… we may wake him” as he nails her repeatedly, taking her innocence away all the while Bill is unaware.
    The reader kind of wonders if she ever thought of Bill screwing her while she gave her vagina to her BF…
    Yup, the wisdom of calling dibs…

  7. hey, no problem, I see you didn’t mean anything by asking if I was a “virgin.”

    For the record, though I lost mine in HS @17-18 my sr. yr., I became a Christian next year in college and so lived like a “reborn” virgin most of my 20s… until my late 20s when I awoke and realized I needed some satisfaction.

    On the “reborn virgin” thing, hey, if Christian women can use that term, so can guys 🙂

    Didn’t have any sex 19-26 and no handholding, no hugging, kissing…
    but had some sex @25-26….

  8. Can you see Bill awakening and seeing the two going @it on the floor in front of him?
    She, facing Bill, riding her BF’s cock, going up and down.
    Ocassionally, it slips out and she guides it back in with her hands.
    She doesn’t see him awaken and he watches out of the smallness of his closed eyes.

    The Christian woman looks up and sees her friend, Bill, watching… but doesn’t stop riding him.
    As he makes his final thrusts, before he shoots his cum into her pussy, she tries to quiet her moans and breathes much heavier and faster as he thrusts his hungry cock in and out of her…

    She slows her pace and lowers herself, hugging him even closer as his penis deflates. She gets up and Bill sees the cum his friend shot all over her vagina.

  9. Sorry for the graphic post… but the image in my mind of a Christian girl doing that….. really gets me going. I hope you understand 🙂

  10. This was good:
    “…and after bill cums, she pulls her husband over and though he suggests some privacy, she says bill should get to watch too. and from his vantage point, they appeared to have some great sex. she rode his face for a while. she sucked him tenderly and she let him ram her in the way that bill wanted to earlier.

    and after he came, and some cuddling, he rolled off her and she pulled the cum out and rubbed it onto her bush and clit until she got all sticky with that beautiful anarchy of cum tangled pubes….”

    I think Bill should’ve moved down to her tasty cum-splattered bush and sucked her vagina, bringing her more orgasms as Bill got to taste some of his and her husband’s cum….

  11. no apologies necessary. this site is pretty graphic. i welcome the same tone.

    ah, men tasting their own cum. a new frontier that most aren’t into yet. alas!

    in touch,

  12. Yeah, the cum tasting not everyone’s cup o’ tea, and not something I’ve done.
    An online friend posted this idea to me:

    We go back in time and are with are future spouses when they lose their virginities to a nonChristian man.

    ME:I like how the Christian girls just lay there & let their guys make the moves.

    They know what’s gonna happen as the guy prepares to move his manly cock into her and take her Christian virginity…..
    they love to taste their gals’ musky-tasting pussys, which they easily bring to orgasm, giving them sensations they’ve never sensed before in that innocent area.

    She with her legs spread wide-open as he kisses, sucks & eats her Christian virgin pussy loosens her up & “readies” her wet pussy for his rock-hard penis whose veins are showing…
    As he slowly moves it in, she lays quietly and lets him move into her, becoming subservient to her nonChristian BF, like a good Christian woman should….

    He fucks her like no other girl and she never forgets him and what she gave-up to him that romantic night….
    After she marries, she often finds herself thinking back to that guy and “comparing” her virgin husband to the other guy.
    She remembers his penis length, how thick it was and how much more fulfilling it felt in her pussy and recalls riding him like the devil as he fucked her like no end…

    HIM:Youd only get an idea how it might feel when you grab his big sexy cock and feel the veins popping out because he wants her so bad, maybe giving it a little stroke so you can see how it reacts to stimulation, jumping and letting more precum ooze out of his tip.

    He’d be getting more of that after he guided it into your virgin wife’s wet pussy and you had to sit next to them with a limp penis and just watch and serve.

    ME:can visualize that guy moving his hard penis into her SO WILLING virgin pussy…. her looking at him with loving eyes as she knew what was gonna happen as he fulfilled his God-given desires to make love to her…
    :.. this is odd.. but if I was there WITH THEM that night… I’d ask him to “go in slow, as she’s a Christian woman… you don’t wanna hurt her…” he’d probably go in slow @ first, but then thrust and thrust like crazy after he bursts her Christian hymen…

    I’d hope he’d pull-out just before he cummed…
    could see myself telling him, while he fucks her, “now, pull-out when you cum… She’s my wife. I want to be ‘her first’, the first to send his cum into her….”

    HIM:The nonbeliever would nod his head yes, then when he’s close he would say “Im…Im CUMMING!” and slam his big cock into her balls deep as he started ejaculating into your wife’s fertile womb. Both of them would betray you that night.

    ME:…imagine she’d hold him even tighter… wrapping her arms around his buttocks as he shot his cum into her pushing his cock deeper into her virgin pussy… God, I’d want to be him or at least WATCH she take his hungry, nonChristian cock…

  13. “….all being christians, everything is very platonic. there is no sex, nothing sinny. just wholesome courting. and bill has no reason to believe anyone’s doing anything sinny. sure she sleeps over. sure she showers there, sure they go away for a weekend away here and there. but it’s a don’t ask, don’t tell. no one has to question whether there’s anything to bring up with the pastor….”

    Good view.
    Am sure there was some fucking going on and Bill suspected it.

    I like how Bill finally got to enter her, like he long wanted to.

    Imagine the girl, being a Christian woman, was careful to make her man wear a condom and she was always on BC so her man’s spermy cum didn’t make her a mommy, which would’ve revealed to all she had been having sex with her man.

    But one night, in their passionate foreplay, she didn’t ask him in time.
    As he pushed into her, all she could think about was the wonderful feeling and all the sensations his hard rod was giving her.

    As he pushes in and out and thrusts deep into her innocent pussy, deeper than he had ever gone, she thinks about her complete lack of protection..
    And it all felt so great to finally make love without that condom between them.
    She remembers that night she gave him her Christian innocence. He wore a condom and was a gentleman who went in slow, so she didn’t hurt so much as his penis burst her hymen.
    This time, there was NOTHING between them.

    She does want to ask him if he could put a condom on, “just in case,,,,” but before she can bring it up, she hears her man grunt and as he thrusts harder, she feels his spermy cum filling her Christian pussy.

    She decides to say nothing and instead, enjoys the lovemaking.

    As he pushes deeper and passionately fucks her, she wraps her loving arms around him even tighter than before, sending him clear signals she wanted his raw cock…
    Now unrestrained by anything, he pushes into her even more passionately.

    She looks at him with her loving eyes as he fucks her more, going places his penis has never gone into her, without the protection many Christian couples rely on.

    As his gooey and sticky cum flows into her, she thinks of her Christian faith and prays his sperm-laden cum doesn’t impregnate her as she may have forgotten to take her BC that day.

    As his penis dominates her, in her mind, she wanders back to those nights when she was still a virgin, she engaged in a lot of “everything…but” activity with him.

    He respected her Christian virginity stance but still she saw he wanted some satisfaction, so through doing all those “other things” would maintain her innocence.

    She thought her pussy’s virginity would remain intact if she limited their lovemaking to mutual caressing they did to cumming and the heavy amounts of oral they engaged in.
    She found she took a liking to the taste of her man’s cum and he really enjoyed looking at his angel as she moved her head up and down his cock as she sucked him until he cummed.

    As their “everything…but” activity on those nights after their dates progressed, he would rub his penis up against — but not going inside — her hot and wet vagina, which he detected was getting highly aroused.

    Though he wanted to fuck her, the feeling of his hard cock up against her bushy cunt gave him great thrills too.
    And he really respected her Christian morality on those evenings, pushing her to all sorts of levels short of penetration.

    One night, after more intense passionate oral and caressing, as he prepared to mount her for rubbing up against her “innocent” cunt as usual, without telling her, he slowly began to enter her.

    She didn’t object and in no way tried to stop him as his raw, unprotected penis moved deep into her sweet virginal Christian pussy.

    Of course, she’d become very familiar with his manly cock but had never had one fuck her, so it was all new to her.

    The moment of truth for the two lovers had finally come.

    They were finally going to be able to consummate their love through some hot lovemaking.

  14. Wonders how many Christian girls like to fuck bareback?
    If they enjoy feeling their nonChristian boyfriends’ impressive, raw cocks deep inside their good-girl pussies, which so want to be fucked?

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