Sex Tip #22: We Should All Charge for Sex

i was talking to a christian virgin in her 20s last week, the sister of a girl i teach with. she is good without intercourse. she has a firm line. she considers it an issue of personal integrity and morality. all fine.

but she loves being sucked and sucking so her morality doesn’t stop her from getting to third base. good girl. and she has the classic girl lament that once her boy cums, he has a hard time focus on her mere existence! πŸ™‚

ladies first. has to be said. but, continuing on…

but she had something really interesting to say.

she thinks of sex as a massively powerful thing. and she figures that if girls choose to cease to be virgins before marriage [which she understands but doesn’t embrace herself obviously], she wonders why all girls don’t charge for it.

so she clearly doesn’t judge sex trade workers, but she also sees it like compromising a virtue being a very black and white thing. once you have sex you’ve crossed a line. you’re in another realm of virtue. different. and in her case, for herself: lesser.

but she figures that if she were to cross that line and have sex, she should charge for it. it is possibly the greatest currency of power in the human history. there should be no reason why she shouldn’t charge $500 for the honour of fucking her. note she didn’t say $50. she knows how to price commodities.

and then she went on to talk about things i agree with, like how marriage is in some ways “just” an economic arrangement where in the past, women became housewives and kept the home for the man and didn’t have to work but in exchange for all that economic value, she fucked her husband. and in that view, women weren’t sexual creatures, but cunts for receiving cum. turns out women actually like to fuck, but whatever. πŸ™‚ only they didn’t have to swallow or even suck his dick after she had a ring on.

and i like this chick. she’s got it figured out. and she has a killer petite body. dragon boats, cross country skiing, part time vegan diet. i’d fuck her if i were a guy. and i may just pay $500.

last summer i saw her in her bathing suit, drunk, at dusk, at a campsite at a lake near whistler. i saw how poorly her bathing suit fit after several hours in it and after losing her ability to stand up straight 100% of the time. and i wasn’t the only one who noticed her awesomeness. and i know that she sucked at least one of the boys on our trip. deeply. so she’s got the game, as they say.

but to know, not just think but know, that there’s been NOTHING in her cunt, that’s just stunning. and if she were to let a boy inside her [well, that part of her], i could see that she’d want to be properly compensated for it. i know this because i’ve taken money, restaurants, clothes, hotel stays and wild rides in convertibles in exchange for fucking a guy.

so i told her about my various times being more or less a prostitute and she could totally relate. i didn’t tell her EVERYthing i’ve done sexually that had a payout [beyond the scope of our conversation], but i concluded with this idea: if a girl like this agrees with me on the economic and power nature of sex, i think i’m on solid ground.

in touch,


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11 responses to “Sex Tip #22: We Should All Charge for Sex”

  1. Interesting, this part:
    “….but she loves being sucked and sucking so her morality doesn’t stop her from getting to third base….”

    She does EVERYTHING…BUT, short of allowing her guy to place his hungry penis in her “innocent” vagina?

    Interesting morality there… She goes to bed with the guy, fondles, caresses and sucks him till he cums, and lets him eat and suck her “good girl” virgin vagina…

    Wonder how she reacts when any redblooded male moves to position his penis outside her willing and seemingly interested wet vagina…
    With her legs spread wide and virginal pussy exposed for all its beauty, she blocks him.

    “…I’m a good girl. I’m trying to save myself for marriage. Please understand….” as dives back to taste and swallow her vaginal juices and give the “innocent” girl more orgasms….
    No doubt she fantasizes about his penis giving her orgasms as his fingers and tongue brings the “good girl” new sensations…

    It doesn’t seem to be that big a step to let him proceed and fill her vagina…..

  2. yeah, strictly, the bible is against lusting. practically, that means hand holding and no french kissing. and still there will be fantasy/lust.

    so a practical limit is penetration. all else is tolerable.

    yeah, not much of a leap, but a black and white one, still.

    in touch,

  3. A “practical” limit is going all the way?
    Wow… then you can do almost “anything” and still be “chaste” and “pure…?” πŸ™‚

    No wonder that Christian woman I did a lot of “everything…but” with when I was single in my 20s had no problem with it…
    Me thrusting between her thighs and sometimes up against (and perilously close to entering) her virgin vagina… where I quickly released my cum onto her tummy….
    So guess she’d done that before πŸ™‚

    It’s real fun for a guy to rub his “unprotected” cock up against a virgin’s labia and drive her wild…
    It didn’t take much of that to get me to explode… and she knew it.

    I did think of her as a “good Christian woman” as I did those things, including eating her vagina to orgasm and she sucking me… and wanted to go farther…
    Always enjoyed the look on her face during my rubbing/ thrustings.

    Wonder what it was like from the Christian girl’s view… while she lets her guy do all that to her…

  4. no, i meant a practical limit is just before penetration. and not that it’s all that practical all the time.

    yeah, it’s fun to tease a cock to cumming, all without letting it in me. i enjoy that, yes.

    “good” christian woman is a distraction from things. it’s all about judgement and you should be free from judging good or bad. i think.

    from this christian girl’s perspective, i love the feeling of being pleased, whether i’m doing intercourse or not.


  5. Some Christian girls let their guys do “everything…but” including rubbing their hungry cocks against their vaginas…
    He feels her luscious bush as his forehead rubs up against her.
    She rocks up and down against his hard cock as it satisfies her, in a limited way, outside her “innocent” virgin vagina.

    She breathese more heavily as he moves it up and down.
    Still, she wants to retain some “innocence” and not let him fuck her… She IS a Christian virgin, after all.

    So she moves his forehead to where it angles just above her pussy opening… He nominally agrees and keeps his thrustings and rubbings.

    Meanwhile, his finger has entered her, he’s sucked her tasty vagina to cum and she’s made love to his pagan penis with her mouth until he cummed… so they both know she’s not really “that innocent” anymore.

    So all that in her mind, she doesn’t really stop him as he, without asking, slowly slides his cock into her wet and so willing Christian pussy.

    She knows what’s happening but doesn’t want him to stop him in any way.

    He smells her pussy as it got really wet and covered his big sexy cock, pushing into her slowly at first, then slowly out.
    She feels his forehead burst her hymen.
    Then, he thrusts into her with a little hint of blood on his sexy shaft. As he pulls out that first time, she sees her blood on his cock, symbolic of her Christian obedience…

    Truth is, she wanted him just as much, but she, a “Christian” girl, wouldn’t admit it.

  6. You know that I’m an objectifier by nature so I’ll just say this; paying makes it easier. If I know that my gift of a meal, jewelry, cash or some other item is going to result in an “exchange” at the end of the night, I almost don’t need full on intercourse. I said almost. But the reality is, there’s something naughty, and enticing and wrong about knowing that it’s a material exchange. It’s especially good if the gift is a certain type of jewelry (wink). Because that means that the end of the evening naughtiness will have an added dimension.

    I know, I know…I’m a blasphemous pig. But the payoff is worth it.

    As always…

  7. thanks bimbo!

    paying does simplify things. no complicated emotional/power dynamics. just, you buy me dinner, and a movie and leave me $150 and i’ll fuck you. maybe a few times before morning.

    then you take me to whistler in 2 weeks. and i’ll fuck you there. it’s like we’re dating. then you drop me off at home after stopping in to buy a large jug of baileys and jack. we drink a bit, I fuck you again. and I keep the $70 of booze.

    i’m not a prostitute. i’m your girlfriend or fuck buddy.

    then a few weeks later we go to a corset shop and you buy me a $160 corset. I don’t have tons of boob flesh to work with, but this piece is a good one. I can even yank out my nipples so you can suck them while I ride you. and you can cum on the corset too. after all, you paid for it. then you give me $100 when you leave in the morning.

    the line blurs. it’s sure complicated.

    great link btw. I love that one.

    in touch,

  8. thanks, oliver! πŸ™‚

  9. Where the heck have you been?

  10. stuck and distracted irl for a while. back now sorta! how are you?

  11. update! I had a chance to chat with my darling virgin over christmas. she is still a virgin, she still sucks cocks and she still has a variety of people suck and nibble her clit.

    but beyond charging a huuuuge amount for taking her virginity [if she doesn’t choose to give it to a man, which she says she plans to], if she ends up getting active in intercourse, she would charge for sex every time. every, fucking, time.

    because she says if she keeps a guy from getting his penis into her cunt, he will pay to put it there. and he will pay crazy more to cum in her without a condom. and she had dollar signs in her eyes. πŸ™‚

    i’d pay to watch someone fuck her. truly!

    in touch,holly

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