Making your heart sing!

i’m getting more into tantric sex.

i’m getting more into keeping my dear dear lover hard until i can make him cum at whim. like hours, but really 30-45 minutes is goo.

i’ve fallen in love. like, in the cliche way. i still love buddy and my girlfriend, but i’ve moved out of that household and in with my llllllllover!

i think we’re going to get married some day. i just loooove him.

and he likes his sex and his cum and my cunt and all the sweaty bits, but my heart sings when he unloads in me.

he is brilliant and flaky and a risque divorcee. and his ex left him for manhattan. and he is ok talking to me about her juicy cunt and what he used to do to it and watch other fellows do to it. and i love listening to him talk about it/her. he keeps having to lick his lips. then he sucks me until i whimper.

i want to get pregnant and know that his cum can mix with me and make a new thing. from pretty much scratch.

i want to lie in bed with him reading or watching movies or porn and just exist with his cock in my cunt. not softening, not leaving, just staying there. like it’s how i breathe.

and on the bus, when i had my marking bag on my lap and my hand underneath, i daydreamed about the last time i had his cock in me for soooo many minutes. i juiced up and simply pressed my finger on my clit and did the no-hip-moving dance of secret orgasms.

and when he came home, he walked in the door and i was there for him to rub my still wet panties. so i confessed my bus sin and helped him back into my cunt.

there are times i only want his cum in my for the rest of my life. but that passes. but i am beside myself thinking that i can ever think that. i am charmed indeed!

in touch,


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