Braless Parties Have Rules Like the Fight Club

ok, so i haven’t seen the fight club, but i know there are rules. like the first rule is to not talk about fight club? right?

the first rule of braless parties is that girls who do not arrive without a bra are required to take them off. they may take it home when they leave.

that’s it. otherwise, it’s just a party, except with nipples everywhere. and a heightened state of eroticism.

i like games with a small number of rules. like, orgasm=suck me. simple.

we’ve had about 5 nights in the last few weeks that have been declared braless. we’ve tried for 4 more, but various girls vetoed the idea.

i can respect that. we tried once they were already over. not everyone was interested. now we give fair warning. but not every party is braless. that’s just CRAZYass!!!

so our tina’s young fresh nubile virginal adventurous timid honest shy outgoing cool nerdy sister has moved to town. going to sfu studying arts. pick a major lllllllllllllllater girl. good girl.

and she’s living in res and enjoying meeting people.

and she’s come over a few times. only 1 was a time when we were having a braless party.

that’s her bra above. C-cup. but she’s already gained 3 pounds since she moved to town in august so we’re bugging her about the other 10 pounds she’ll gain this year and how she’ll need all new bras. she’ll have none of that. good girl again.

at any rate, she’s a good girl. christian too, so i approve. 🙂

she’s had some boyfriends, she’s been to third base, she’s dated guys who weren’t virgins, but she still is. and her goal is to change all that. not in the same crazy sex-fiend way that i did 6 years ago when i came to vancouver. at least i hope.

no i take that back. i hope she does what she does. even bad shit is a learning experience.

me and tina and her have created an account for her. we won’t tell her i.d. though. but if you ask me [smwr1982] i might tell it if i screen you and you pass. lol

she realllllly wants to go in there and hang out in the chat rooms and hear how all that’s done. i told her it’s less representative of the real world than the real world. our parties are also less representative, but at least at our place there won’t be 900 boys trying to get her to watch them cum.

not that there’s anything wrong with that. 🙂

so of all the hijinks going on at our braless parties, tina’s sister has been a good little girl. granted the majority of girls at these parties don’t spring into orgies. in fact, most nights nothing happens.

but one things for sure. her statuesque build and big boobies are a hit.

and while she has not been ignored by the boys, she’s staking out her turf.

this is just one benefit of braless parties.

i highly recommend them. especially if you like the boobies!:)

in touch,

holly and tina


Sex Tip #17: Listen to Your Elders

I was sitting at a bus loop today and a girl comes and sits next to me. She’s oblivious as many teens are, on her cel phone. But then again many of my friends walk around like cel zombies too so I don’t need to be all agist and everything.

She’s cute with long dark hair. She looks Malaysian or Filipino or something like that. Real gorgeous anyway, for a 15 year old.

And she’s wearing white shorts, flip flops and a loose fitting burgundy t-shirt with a scoop neck. Very attractive.

So as she sits down she leans forward, arranges some stuff in her bag, pulls out an apple. All the regular normal kinda stuff. And as she’s sitting its leaning here and there, sometimes sitting on one foot, sometimes leaning forward with her elbows on her knees.

And all of my focus on her posture is all about more than just her being a cel zombie. She’s also somewhat unaware of her body. Unaware that in various postures, someone standing in front of us actually at the curbside in line for the bus can look up her shorts a bit. Burgundy panty. Quite elegant. And since we were on the west side it fit that she could look so nice like that.

But more than the loose legs on her shorts was her scoop top with a thin and loose fitting bra. And even if it were a tight fitting bra, it covered a small enough amount of her breasts that there was much to look at. Especially when her shirt fell forward from her posture.

So her cel call ended and I struck up a conversation. I introduced myself and said how much I liked her bag. She complimented me on my bag, which feels like an army utility duffel, but is actually quite functional. And then I said I wondered if I could tell her something somewhat personal about her. And being an open friendly girl [and courageous enough] she said sure. And I said that I spent a lot of time flirting with guys in bars and dressing for clubs and things [which I don’t go to clubs, but I knew she’d get that] and I intentionally dress to show off my body for those kind of places.

And I told her what I could see of her body for the last 10 minutes. And that being that provocative as a concept is fine, but there are times to use it and there are times to avoid it and everyone needs to make up there mind on that.

And though we were on the west side, we weren’t surrounded by corporate lawyers and personal trainers at this bus stop and that the general public is a mix of people, not a controlled group of people at a bar seeing a folk music duo for instance.

And then I asked about her English teacher and whether they had talked about how to write for different audiences. She said ya.

So I said the same goes for dressing and how we present the erotic parts of our body. And I tried hard to say not to dress and sit like all that at bus stops, but that she should think at least a little bit about context and the effect of what she does. And how to find places to dress and be a certain way and to be wary of accidentally doing so in other times.

Cuz, I said, when we get on the bus, it’ll be crowded and a few people will have a nice view down your top if you sit a certain way. If you don’t they’ll just see a pretty girl. And that you can’t control which guys are standing beside/over you.

And then I apologized if I ended up making her more wary than I intend [which is not so wary at all, just clever about things], but the world is full of risks that we can sometimes minimize.

And I felt like a big sister, young aunt, even the hip grandmother that tells the secret secrets of life.

And I feel comfortable in my role as an elder. And she listened to me and thanked me. And I wrote down my blog address. 🙂

And the sex tip is to listen to your elders. Not all of them cuz some are fucking nuts. But discern who is worth hearing. And listen HARD. Cuz it can make a real difference in your love/sex life and even all aspects of your life.

So there. Felt good!

Sex Tip #15: Your Cross Need Not Be Hidden

ok the cloudiness today wasn’t welcome, but it was warm and wreck beach was sublime.

not too much pot, not too much booze. just enough pita and humous.

i went with tina. who is fucking amazing every month that goes by, even moreso.

near us and down the sand slope a bit were 2 asian girls having a good time. got there before us. kept their bikini bottoms on. made it more alluring.

tina, while not a raging bisexual, has enjoyed some of the girl fruits and appreciates beauty. she liked their bums. me too.

so they spent lotsa time topless but later in the day started doing the top on, but untied to avoid tan lines.

in the end of it all, they seemed to have a good day and got ready to leave. tops tied back on and starting to gather their gear on the little rolled wooden blanket thing they had. and one of these girls leans over to reach something, leaning in our direction. i’m looking at tina and seeing them in the background.

and this girl’s nipple slips out of her top towards the middle of her cleavage. very pretty. nothing we hadn’t seen, but with more allure now that its a forbidden peek. lol

and when she rolls back after grabbing an empty water bottle her friend tells her she’s popped out. and she blushes. very funny. and so duh, her friend bugs her for blushing. priceless.

but here’s where the sex tip comes in.

this nipple flasher finishes getting dressed to head back up to clothed reality, and puts a gold cross back on around her neck.

which means i guess that when they arrived she took it off. perhaps so jesus wouldn’t see her being naked or half naked. and i don’t want to judge because it’s really important to allow people to deal with their own boundaries with naturality their own way. but i sorta thought it would be better if she didn’t feel the need to take it off.

because i don’t think jesus would hate her for lying topless on the beach for an afternoon.

and in the end i can’t relate because i don’t wear a cross. so i can’t really put myself in her shoes. but you get my point.

so ya. don’t hide your cross. even when you’re at a nude beach. 🙂

Sex Tip #10: Nipple Flashing for Fun and Profit!

i’m a feminist and all that, but i’m also sensible. we live in an anti-woman society. we get paid 71% of what men do [5 years ago it was all the way up to 72% so it’s going down!], and we are biologically at greater risk of STIs than boys.

i had a long msn chat conversation with a gal friend recently who’s a MILF with a 15-ish year old son, whose friends turn her on. we talked alot about how to feel erotic about playing a MILF for the friends [one in particular] without having to go and have sex with the boy. and i told her what i do with my blouses and bras sometimes.

i brought it up in an email exchange with a new online bud tonight when i mentioned that i’m staying with buddy rent-free this summer in exchange for sex. which i guess makes me a prostitute. but then he’s not some smelly geek. he’s buddy from many postings last summer. my vancouver boytoy. good relationship. friend with lots of benefits but an open relationship. quite healthy actually. and if two people live together and one doesn’t work [even a wife/husband], doesn’t that person participate in a relationship [including fucking] for “rent.” here’s what i wrote in my emails:

“i am finding young boys to buy me drinks as my summer wad of cash is almost gone and my flight back to school isn’t for another week and a bit. not hard. put on a loose fitting top, do up my bra one clasp too big and i get all the belinis i want all night.”

and what do the guys get for a $6 belini or two, a relatively cheap peep show, that frankly is 30-90 minutes of the tease of trying to see nipple, getting to glance down my top quite a bit and maybe not even being lucky enough to see a nipple. and they like to talk with girls and buying us a drink lets them do it for a while. and while most of them aren’t interesting enough to date, they’re all [ok virtually all] interesting enough as PEOPLE to have a conversation with. and if they like to look at my chest, i feel erotic. nice deal all around. but a $6 belini [or even 2 or 4] doesn’t get a random boy a fuck, a blowjob or a handjob. even hookers charge way more than that.

so in my emails tonight, my new online buddy replied how i make “slutty-chic look easy” and that he wished he could fuck for rent sometimes.

this is where i hit my brainstorm in my reply…

“guys CAN fuck for rent. they just have to change society, get rid of chauvinism, pay women 100% of what men make not 72% and then they get EQUALITY! men’s suffragettes need to get active. you are an oppressed gender. time to heal society so you get what we get. and i’m hardly chic. i TRY but i dont have the fashion sense to pull it off. letting guys peek at my breasts in hopes of seeing a nipple requires NO chic whatsoever.”

that’s my genius wisdom tonight. it’s not often that girls have the upper hand at anything. i get “free” room and “free” drinks all summer. many different types of feminism object to these methods and i totally understand their arguments. i can’t even object to them and prove them wrong. all i can say is that while things are unequal, i have the right to seek some redress sometimes.

and if you like the braless sex tip last time, this one should fit right in. 🙂

in touch,
Sex Tips for Christian Girls

Sodomy, the Pastor’s Wife, Borat: Sex Tip #9…Anal Almost Equals Oral Sex

OK. I went to see Borat several weeks ago. Mostly funny. A bit long though. I’ll watch his show though.

I went with Barry. We’ve been hanging out more. I have a scorecard to share too before I get into my story.

Sex with Barry: many many times over the last 8 months.

Sex with Vicky and John: twice now, once with Barry there too, when I bought my new scuba cut bathing suit. More on that later.

Sex with Holly: one tentative time [I didn’t climax], one time with Barry too, one not so tentative time [I climaxed twice], once with Holly and her buddy, the man whose bed she sleeps in and/so doesn’t have to pay rent in Vancouver this summer.

Sodomy: 7 times.

And this is the tip. Vaginal intercourse is what it is. Oral sex, blowing boys, is what it is. Anal sex, Barry’s penis in my bum, is on par with oral sex.

That’s my conclusion.

Rum, Sodomy and the Lash. That’s what I hear is the old British Navy. Funny.

Sodomy in the Bible is pretty precise. And I think it’s all about keeping boys from boning other boys.

And I know very well that Holly isn’t into bum stuff. And I know that my first post in here had some dancing around the bum thing. And Barry had never done anal before me either. And eventually we just tried it. Took some practice. Felt a little odd. We found our rhythm. And it is sweet. And I love Holly and respect her bum and it’s hers to do with as she pleases. Yeah for bums!

So we’ve gone all anal. And we still do other things, but bum fun is fun. That’s it. Nice climaxes. For both of us.

So Borat.

We went out to a big theatre to see Borat. Lots of shows there. We pay for tickets and walk in. We’re winding around lines and things wanting to get seats before food.

Barry’s walking behind me as we hit a traffic jam. He bumps my bum with his cock as we slide beside the line, ducking past a big cardboard movie poster. And he says loud enough for anyone to hear [if they’re close by], “Want it in your bum tonight?” And I’m nodding and smiling.

And since no one is around, we’re fine.


Except our youth pastor’s wife is standing behind the cardboard movie poster and hears it all. And as Barry is saying it, I’m looking the other way. And I hear the abrupt ceasing of a conversation coming from behind the big poster. So I look over and see her. And a friend of hers who I don’t like because she has virtually no personality [at least in my presence].

And we just keep walking because Barry doesn’t really know her and I don’t let on. Though my face turns red as my hair. So I tell him it all when we get seats. I’m looking around and they don’t come in. No surprise they’re not seeing Borat.

And Barry is just loving it. And off he goes to get food.

And I sit there thinking, just what is wrong with sodomy anyway, when I’m a woman. 🙂

And I don’t want to get all theological and everything. Holly’s good and whipping through the history of the church to let me know what backstory explains parts of the Bible. But I don’t care.

And I don’t care what my pastor’s wife thinks of my anal sex. A tiny bit of me cares but the rest is out to end that little bit.

And Barry sure doesn’t care.

And my sex tip is for Holly and all other girls who are scared off of anal sex because of anti gayboy stuff in the Bible. Try it. If you like it, AWESOME. If you don’t, you can let it go.

And if you don’t want to try it, great. Respect your own feelings. Holly does. And even though I even showed her the picture we took of Barry in my bum, and she liked it, she’s still not game. And I totally respect her for that.

In dreams,

Sex Tip #8: Go to Church Braless

I went to worship service Sunday night. The weather was fine so the day was in the sun.

Holly came with me. She hasn’t been here for years. It was a good service. Lots of worship. Lots of arms waving in the air. Lots of singing. It felt good.

The day was fun, with Holly and a quick drink at tea time at Bimini with Barry. Bad red wine. How is that possible, Bimini, say it isn’t really so. But it was.

But during our day, Holly and I shopped. We don’t like to shop. It’s stressful, but the shopping was a delightful distraction from things amongst us.

And we hit one place on the Drive with some fantastic fabrics and clothes. There was an amazing Guatemalan design. If you know anything from there, you know what I mean. It was a light white cotton strapless halter with lace inset and a “Guatemalan” trim on the top elastic.

Having perfect though small breasts, the halter fit snugly and comfortably. In trying it on, I abandoned my bra. A nice bra, red. It spent the rest of the day in my sack. Then it was texting Barry on the way to Bimini and donairs for dinner.

Yawn. Ok I’m getting to it.

I write this because I didn’t intend to go to worship braless. Truly. But I don’t apologize.

I had a bra, but it so didn’t go with the top. And for the afternoon, even with the subpar red wine, I enjoyed people looking at my top, and my breasts beneath. You couldn’t really “see” anything, but you could make them out well. But that was Bimini when everyone looks at you as if they’re rubbing your ass. Which is fine.

But drinking and eating too late meant it was too tight to whip back home to get a strapless bra and I said ok. Let’s go to church. It’ll be fine.

Sunday night worship on a sunny summer day is no big deal. Not a huge turnout. The church ladies that Holly dreads so much don’t go because overhead projector hymns don’t do it for them.

And the air conditioner is not so great anyway, so THAT problem wasn’t a big worry.

And I like my breasts. As does Barry. And Holly. And Vicky and John. And my husband did too. And others, but I don’t write about them here. 🙂

So we go to church and Holly has a good time, though she takes a while to relax. Understandable after some of the weirdness here for her.

And there’s the singing and the quiet prayer and the talking prayers and such. A moving evening.

And I caught no one gawking at my breasts. Though a few times I found a few eyes looking around for a little too long. And I felt pretty and desirable and not like a whore, even though some Sunday morning women would look at me like I was.

But it is summer, so the argument goes even on days where it’s grimy out. And it was a warm night and we were out and God welcomed me into his presence regardless of whether I was wearing a bra.

And I’m not dating any of the guys or looking to. I’m fine single and doing what I do.

And Christian girls who feel like not wearing a bra should not feel horrified by it. And I know that some girls have less ease at this option than me. I respect that and I don’t want to preach. But my lesson from Sunday night is that you should think hard about going braless to church once or twice.

In part, it says to God that you are the fullness of who you are. God loves all of each of us, even our bodies as a part of our being. And He knows us anyway. So since God knew I spent the afternoon without a bra and I honoured him in my life all day, it was no different in the evening.

So sex tip #8 is to think about wearing no bra to church. And even if you don’t do it, thinking about it will bring you closer to yourself and to God.

In dreams,

Sex Tip #7: Lessons in Self-Esteem from Pix on Flickr

so a while ago i cruised through flickr because that’s what we all do, right? 🙂

hot people.

and some great art shots too.

but i found something interesting when i was just looking at the beautiful people in the world.

looking at a bunch of the pix [not all of them, by any means] was really instructive because i saw something good about myself in each one.

narcissism r us, i know, but indulge me. 🙂

so let’s just do a review of it all. and what is the sex tip? you’re beautiful. if you look like me or them or the hotties you feel inferior to sometimes or whatever. you’re beautiful. and you deserve pleasure and bliss. regardless of ANYTHING!

click on the pix to see them bigger.

boob sag. gravity. age. time. though smaller than the girl on the left, my boobs were perky and resistant to gravity when i was a teenager. not so much now. tv commercials encourage me to be ashamed of the little lines beside my eyes and how my body is starting to recognize gravity more. they are evil. i’m beautiful. i was when i was a teenager too. perky anti-gravity boobs are awesome, but not eternal. and that’s ok. it’s even great.

i was initially cynical about this pix. i thought it was a scan from GQ or Cosmo ad or something cuz they’re all so cute. it may be. if so, ignore all this. but in their faces is a sense of belonging and love and acceptance and friendship. and while everyone drifts from at least some of their high school friends, this pix tells me that there are always people surrounding me even if in other cities, who are on my side, who are here to back me up and listen to me. that’s pretty special.

this is just like above, tho no doubt about it being a staged magazine ad. 🙂 bff is so trite these days, but it’s authentic when you’re in the moment.

boobs are fun. they are for playing. enjoy them. that’s it! 🙂

i’m quite hippy. but not quite this waist-y. big hips are part of who we are. micro-petite is great for those who are like that. we’re all built differently. embrace who you are. if it is different from someone else, fine. they’re different from you too.

this pix is from a series of a bunch of shots of this girl. this is the most alluring one, i think. teasing a camera a bit is like teasing a lover a bit. LOTS of fun. and we ALL deserve to be in a sexy photo shoot.
we all deserve to lounge in a pool on the top of a hotel or something, really high in the sky. we need to RISE ABOVE the shit that keeps us down. truth.


and as it is, while i’m writing this blog piece, i’m watching a webcam show by a woman in she’s got a great smile and warm eyes and is having fun exploring little bits of stripping and playing with her body. but the first thing i bet most people thought of when they first turned on her cam was that she’s a bit chubby. a bit chubbier then me but SHE’S HOT. and her sense of herself is truly wonderful to watch. we are us first and how we appear second.

in touch,