Crosses and Sexuality

First of all, welcome back…to me!

Being away for 14 months is a long time. Sorry for going so cold turkey. I had some awkward life/blog intersections that I usually try to keep separate. I was doing my teacher training last year and I had to quit the blog side for a bit. Now I’m happily employed teaching and life is settling down so I can find time and peace again for Sex Tips!

And on a really serious note, I had a couple late periods and one actual for-real pregnancy in the midst of the last year, which very sadly miscarried after 9 days. I’ll write about that more at some point. But basically it had the full range of emotions, from grief to relief [life circumstances and all], then guilt for feeling relief, then lotsa other things.

So no sex tip tonight, but an emerging hobby.

OK, I’ve already written about the place of crosses a bit in here. Here is the beginning of a compendium of nice pix of crosses and sexuality. Please send in any you have lying around! 🙂


Girls just wanna have…cum

Ok, so a friend of my new gf’s sister went on a cruise last month with Rosie O’Donnell and Cindy Lauper and a bunch of others. I’ve had that girls just wanna have fun song in my head since i heard the stories.

this posting is an interview with Diane [her real name, for a change]. she’s my new gf. she’s 19. i’m 26 [i may have big/little sister issues]. she’s not like sanna who lied about her age so the number matched her maturity. i love you sanna!

having broken up with my boytoy at school before moving home to vancouver next month, i met diane.

she’s a friend of one of my roomies. no heterosexuals live in my house. 2 bi, 1 les, one gayboy. the other bi girl introduced me to diane. wow. i ower her my firstborn for that.

what follows is an msn exchange when diane was away for a few days. totally unedited. intended as a bio interview for the blog.

me: so yer a fan of the orgasm thing?

diane: oh yes. keep it cumming, love.

me: tell me about cumming.

diane: well i enjoy it alot. i got out of my way to get it. what dyou wan me to say?

me: well, the early days that led up to your bi life and your sexual deviances into hooking and porn. oh, and how your catholicism fits into it all.

diane: oh that. 🙂 well i’ve always thot the virgin mary statues were pretty cute. i’m not the only 1 to feel that. ive talked to boys and girls who agree. it may be sick but its common. nice angelic face. that kinda thing. but i imagine people had lotsa acne back then. hygene couldn’t hvae been all that great. that’s not going where u want eh?

me: no. i forgive u. sexual past. start with that?

diane: ok. well, catholic school was fun. coed. lotsa boys. lotsa girls. lotsa cigarettes, homemade beer, pot. a bit of acid. lotsa parties at various cottages. and lotas sex. experimnting i guess. some times with a girl giving handjobs to two boys. but i guess my first real time of sexuality beyond just touching meself was at school. we had a mini-gym attached to the main gym. it was kinda weights room and it had a big mat down for the wrestlers. after a volleyball game me and some buds were hanging around the school late. we did that lots. there was community classes that came in later for badminton and stuff. but before that we were sitting in the weights room just chatting. me and my cousine and 2 boys. cant even remember there names. anyways we got to rolling around and kissing and stuff and swapping boys and at one point the guy on me gets off and starts rubbing my cousine’s boob. and the guy on her sits up and rubs the other one. and i’m just sitting there. wtf.

me: ya wtf

diane: well she was trying to get them to stop, pushin there arms away and stuff, but laughing. i wanted to help her but i didnt do anything but watch. and i figured she said no but meant yes. so i just watched. and then the one who was on me pulled up her shirt to her shoulders and started touching her breasts, the skin and under her bra. and she stopped fighting it and let it go. and teh other boy did the other breast. it was really hot.

me: and u were how old

diane: grade 9. cousine grade 10

me: did anyone get onto your boobs? or anything else?

diane: no. i was fine just watching. my cousine loves me. she enjoyed being this role model for me. the next summer she showed me her bi side.

me: so she got you into girls

diane: ya. just her really. for a couple years anyways.

me: and the rest of high school?

diane: no more girls. a few boys. lotsa playing at parties and stuff. trying to convince boys that kissing them and rubbing and stuff at parties doesnt mean were engaged. that its just fun. but sex with only a couple boys. then i graduated

me: ok the porns. howd u get to that

diane: my cousine’s dealer’s brother’s friend. simple eh. met him at a party. made out a bit. he tried to get my pants off and i said no. he said ok and told me about some work he did with camera work on porns and said i’d be great at it. like he would know. anyway we started dating and he took me to a shoot at a nice suburban house. said i could watch from teh back. got into a few good conversations with one of the guys and 2 of the girls. their other jobs, lives, gf’s and bf’s, school plans, sex history, details about hte industry and std’s and stuff.

me: so you got an agent?

diane: no. i just talked to marc and said i’d be interested but that i’d need to approve everthing to happen. one of the girls said that sometimes [rarely] things drift beyond the “script” and to insist that it stays to what everyone agrees on.

me: and your first time with it?

diane: it was the scene with carrie and the boy who comes in at the end and fucks her while i’m rubbing her boobs. and i felt good in front of the camera. i could ignore it and the others being there was just kinda a thrill. $450. pretty easy. it was in the same house as i visited that time. the next time was $575. sucked by the redhead, sucked the asian guy.

me: and the big money?

diane: $700. fucked by the asian guy and the guy with the crewcut.

me: and when was that

diane: january.

me: and your future adult film plans?

diane: none right now. but marc’s director gave me the name of a guy in vancouver. so maybe we’ll get into it.

me: ya we’ll see.

diane: cuz your porn-curiousity kills the cat bitch

me: ANYWAYS, lets talk about hte hooking

diane: yes my whoredom. yer a whore too.

me: i know but that comes later

diane: ok. so it started with a call from a guy i knew in high school. dated a bit but weren’t really compatible. he was 2 years ahead. he gets a job outta high school as a drug rep visiting doctors pushing various drugs. and he calls me up last june after we met up again at a party and he says he has a weekend training thing at le president hotel in sherbrooke. and i should come. so i go. i dont wanna date him but i like the vacation idea. i spend most of the weekend in teh pool chatting up some of the staff and a couple from buffalo. and he pays. and we drink and eat and order movies and fuck a few times. and once he wanted me to give him a handjob in the hot tub that looks like hugh hefners grotto, but i had too much respect for, i don’t know, everyone in the world, to do that in there. in teh end it was pretty easy. and an expensive weekend that he didnt really pay for past some of the booze and movies. and i like it. no strings. and that was it.

me: and then what

diane: then he calls me in july and we do it again. this time in toronto. same kinda arrangement. but this time i said i need to buy some nice earrings for our dinners. and we go to the hotel/mall jewelry store and he puts $300 on earrings for me.

me: such a whore

diane: i know. i liked it tho. and when i got home i called up the assistant manager of the cafe i work at who had moved to another outlet and said i would go out with him. he was asking lots. and we went to dinner and a bad movie and i told him we can go out again if he takes me away. this was my trip to buffalo.

me: and your high school boys?

diane: ya. the guys i hung with in high school. mostly there broke or in school (and broke). but a few of them are making some good cash and when i see them at parties and they ask me out, i tell them yes and wehre i’d like to go. and that if i need to shop for a nice clothes or bedroom accessories, they’ll do it for me.

me: and madeline

diane: ya. madeline i met online. she’s a dom and has 4 men in her town or time zone who she knows in person or online. they fund her rent, food and tuition. she’s only occasionally fucked 2 of them. but mostly she controls them and they support her lifestyle. shes my role model. aside form you.

me: xoxo

diane: and then there was last month. dyou want me to tell it

me: yes 🙂

diane: so my third weekend with this one guy from school. he was in my grade. took me to sherbrooke and montreal. and this time when we do the short drive we get to the hotel and go to the restaurant to eat. and this girl is sitting in the restaurant alone reading a book by jeanette winterson. and she’s cute and i like her smile at parts in the book. and my “bf” for the weekend says ya she’s cute. so i ask him to invite her to join us if she’s alone. and he totally doesn’t have the balls for it. so while he’s weaseling out of it i jsut get up and go over to her and say hey. and she says hey. and i say if yer alone, you’re welcome to join us. my names’ diane. and she says her name’s holy and that woudl be nice. she was meeting her father at the hotel and he left just b4 dinner so she was alone.

me: holly

diane: ya holly. 🙂 holy holly. and we hit it off for dinner and get into the 3rd bottle of $40 wine and i say we should hit the hot tub. holly says she doesn’t have a bathing suit. so i say how about some drinks upstairs and she’s like ya and my friend’s thinking great thoughts.

me: and after a fun night and a boy who doesn’t have much energy after all that booze, we go get me a nice bathing suit the next day. he pays. $125. a bit of a waste cuz i’m usually naked when i’m swimming. 🙂

diane: and teh rest of the weekend is my little friend’s ultimate thrill of his life having a 3sum outta the blue.

me: and it’s nice cuz he was a nice boy. and sexually gentle and way out of his league when u and i were fucking. which is fine with me anyways.

diane: and you were a great pickup. 🙂

me: i know. it was fun.

diane: and you have a few marks, er boys in vancouver to keep it up. trips to whistler and stuff eh.

me: i know. it’ll be fun. we’ll make a go of it. it’ll be great summer in deedy!

diane: so is that it?

me: what

diane: the interview?

me: ya i guess. unless theres something u wanna add

diane: yes. its all about the orgasm bitch! 🙂

me: truth.

diane: xoxo

me: xoxo

Fucking Catholic Boys [or not]: Sex Tip #6

so “kevin” emails me.

outta the blue the other day.

this is kevin from a couple posts ago a couple months ago:

you should read that post before reading this update.

i thought i’d summarize it for you. he said i could, but not to paste the whole thing in. i don’t know why but ok. maybe he worships my writing style. 🙂

here goes…

so a week or so after he goes home from the conference he and Vittoria start fighting over little things. like who picks what movie they see. not the movie but who picks. [i’d have thought that no one would, but that doesn’t matter at all.] they were all frosty and tempered with each other.

and she comes out and says what’s wrong with him. and he’s like what’s wrong with you and she describes all the shit that he’s been doing and when he goes to describe her shit, it’s like nothing really all that big a deal and he says something happened at the conference with another girl. and they start talking about it.

and here’s where i get to be a marital [type] counsellor. he actually shows her the blog piece. i TOTALLY didn’t expect this, which is why i wrote it like i did.

and he tells her how he feels about her and that he’s not looking for someone else, but different things from their relationship. and all through it she’s a little shocked but good about listening to him. to me it sounds like she was a little shut down cuz i figured that if she ever read this blog she’d freak out. but maybe i don’t know her. i don’t. 🙂 hi Vittoria, i assume you’ll read this too. nice to meet you. 🙂 sorta in the online virtual way.

i like enrique too.

anyway, kevin writes that there was parts of his brain that were allllllllllways keeping the back door open, that he wanted to just say fuck Vittoria, or more technically, forget about her and fuck me. woulda been nice i think. 🙂 i’m glad i guessed that right.

anyway, he writes that showing Vittoria the blog was about letting her know important true things about him. actually he didn’t show it, he read it to her. which i thought was amazing for him. wtg, kevin!

and then they start talking about sex and all the things they do. that’s big of her, cuz i figured she would have killed him. and she says ya, she likes watching him cum when she gives him a hand job. and that she didn’t remember when he says he saw most of her breast, but when he explained the time she did. does that mean she is too un-self-conscious about her body? i knew a girl in high school who totally said she wasn’t hot but EVERY boy wanted her. not that she was coy, but she really believed she wasnt hot. wrong-o. maybe Vittoria isn’t aware of people trying to see her breasts. 🙂

amateur psychoanalysis here. 🙂

so Vittoria says hand jobs have always been ok for her. but only cuz of the boy masterbation problem. i’d like to tell her about the girl problem some day. 🙂

and he says that when they get engaged he wants to do more things with her, sexually. and she’s like well it sounds like you wanna do that now, before we get engaged. and he’s like, yeah. 🙂

she said she was really surprised about the bathing suit thing that kevin looks at her pussy when she wears it. that’s where i get my thing above about her not being aware of her desirability.

anyway i was mostly right again about it being a good thing that she knows he’s looking at her pussy. she also felt a little pressured by knowing that in the past he was doing that. i can understand that, if the rules of the relationship were more celibate.

i must say, Vittoria, that my ass is special to me. i like it to be rubbed too. and when it gets rubbed, i get really turned on. and that’s a good thing. i suspect you might get that too. justa guess. ya???

and when it comes to the double standard of handjobs for him, and bj’s, but no access to her body, kevin said she understood the point. quite clearly. and she wasn’t offended by it. whew. woulda been a problem if she was, i think.

there’s the saving her body for marriage. check. there’s the modest. check. but the modesty thing is just the tip of that iceberg. she says to him that despite having assertive rules about bodies and things, it’s also to cover up that fact that she’s done very little sexually and is just really nervous.

i was really happy to read that. truth.

and she’s known about progression and wandering eyes and getting to make him cum will make him want more and if he doesn’t get it, he may look elsewhere. turns out, me.

and she’s wanted more too, but self-consciousness and a bit of fear plus the marriage, etc. stuff was in the way. totally understandable to me.

and masterbation. she doesn’t do it. she’s actually afraid to do it. i’ve heard that before. not afraid of anything rational. fear isn’t always like that. it’s fear that she’ll be out of control of her body. that, i totally understand. i was there from 14-22 years old. i feel her pain there.

and she was really happy when she heard that he’s imagining her naked. she assumed that, but it was so nice to hear it, she said. i bet! 🙂

and she said that it never occured to her to ask him to masterbate for her. and he says he would like to and she says she’d like that. a lot. 🙂

and instead of being totally mad at him and me for what we did in that motel room, she was moreso envious of me that he masterbated for me before her. sad a bit too, but she was very understanding, largely influenced i think by her wanting him to do it for her.

she also likes how i kinda stripped for him. and then they had a real long conversation. she did almost all the talking. about how she has so little experience with sexuality. dating in high school. no sex. no masterbation. lotsa kissing. bum feeling too. some boys hands between her legs at times when she was totally not comfortable with that. awkward! boys hands on her boobs, same response but to a lesser degree.

she liked how cocks felt rubbed up against her. especially her bum. i notice a trend here.

but she never felt a cock with her hand. one troublesome time, the most problematic of her sexual career, was when she was with her bf in grade 12 on a couch at his place and he was on top of her and finally got her to spread her legs and he was rubbing her pussy with his cock [not quite her words, according to kevin] and she was really liking it [duh], but then he came in his jeans. and her GUILT sledgehammer swung in. he was mostly cool with it and kinda laughed it off while going off to change. and she was outta there real soon after and the relationship fizzled.

i can see how this all builds up.

in the end she is made quite horny by hearing about all we did together/near each other in that hotel room. so some real good came from all that.

and hearing about how he came for me, she wanted it too. that’s sweet. 🙂

he says when we were sleeping his hard cock on me was while he was asleep. nice. 🙂

and she was not upset about when i sucked him off. she was a little, but her world was kinda being spun in huge circles so in the big scheme of things it was no big deal compared to how he didnt fuck me. i can see that. tho i was sure she’d hate the bj.

and it wasn’t catholic guilt that kept him from wanting to suck me. it was a desire to not go any further. sounds like guilt to me, but it could also just be a real conscious choice. which is cool. i can live with that. 🙂

so in the end, i had a good time that night. so did he. but it clearly bugged him enough to get in the way in his relationship. which is fine. life is full of inspiring moments that make or break people.

and while he didn’t go into tons of detail, which is my job he says, he did explain a few things in his email about where his relationship has gone.

they didn’t get engaged suddenly so they could do more. engagement is a different kind of thing he says. and they haven’t fucked, but they did more their sexual relationship forward somewhat. yay kevin and Vittoria!

after the whole showing her the blog event, that night they pushed their limits. he masterbated for her and she loved it. she still wanted to touch or suck his cock, but she loved watching him make himself cum. and she talked about being wet watching it.

after he came he said she let him take off her top and bra and rub and stroke and kiss and lick her breasts. she really enjoyed it. i bet! a nice first for her in a good context too.

and over the weeks they’ve done the same kind of stuff as before. but now here boobs are in play. he has recently started tit-fucking her and she’s gotten naked down to her everything but her panties which he is allowed to rub with his hands and cock, front and back. sounds like a great balance they’ve gotten to.

and she likes his cum on her. as most girls do i think.

and they aren’t into masterbating her yet. but why rush things. i know that every day that goes by before she starts to have orgasms is a lost day, but more important is a healthy embrace of the whole orgasm experience.


christian girls.

the sex tip? progress. advance. move forward. not fast, not slow, just at a good speed. do it with honesty. take conflict as a catalyst to improve things. look for ways to get more in touch with your body and the body of your lover.

and while you may have lines you don’t cross, respect them, but give yourself permission to enjoy what you do do before you hit those lines.

nipples are meant to be exceedingly happy. if it falls within your line, find ways of making them so. and cocks are spectacular chunks of biology. pay attention to them and learn general rules about them and specific rules about them on specific boys

and remember, your body is for fun and for your well-thought-out plans for the future. keep the guilt down and the healthy respect up.

and in the end, if your relationship with your boy [or girl] is not as open and loving and supportive and exploratory as kevin and Vittoria, get it there, and then some.

it’s worth the ride.

in touch,

Fucking Catholic Boys who have Girlfriends

I guess this makes me a homewrecker, but i care only to a certain extent.

i don’t “get” catholicism. i’m protestant so i’m pre-disposed to not get it, but that’s ok. i know i’m a bit ignorant so i don’t judge much.

but i met a nice catholic boy at a conference/workshop i was at this weekend at my university. it was a grad student workshop that a friend of mine invited me to.

and even though i have my Ash, the boytoy of the year, i must admit to not really having had sex with pretty much any other guy in over six months, well actually going back to august in vancouver.

so i meet “Kevin” friday night and he’s cute. good for him. he’s from another university a few hours away. and he’s presenting an essay during one of the saturday sessions. i go see him read his piece. he’s cute. sue me. 🙂

i don’t really get all he’s talking about. i am a history major and it was a history conference, but his take on things was at times way over my head. but that’s ok. i’m still learning. we all are.

so saturday night a bunch of us hit the pub. i drink. it’s fun. and kevin’s cute and a bit flirty but not too much, just sociably so i guess. and after a while we start chatting. all about his life growing up, 23, altar boy, cousin is a priest, gramma goes to church/mass like 4 times a week. interesting guy. and he’s staying at the motel most of the out of towners are staying at. and i’ve had enough. i know i’d like to get it on with him. and this is cool cuz as i said, it’s been a while since i’ve really cruised a boy. and i’m not shy about being horny. and i also know lotsa guys [especially “nice” guys] are a little shocked by my desire to fuck them. but that’s ok. everyone’s learning. 🙂

so i say, kevin, the number is 4. 4 what he says. i say 4 is the number of times i wanna make him cum in the next 10 hours [which is the start time of the sunday morning workshops back on campus]. and it’s not too dark to see him blush a bit. and i ask if he’s got a roomate in his motel room. and he’s like, no, but he’s got a girlfriend at home. Vittoria. Not Victoria. and for once in this blog that’s her real name. it’s too pretty to pseudonym her. and she’ll never read this anyway, i’m certain.

and i’m like, ok. no sweat. what’s she like. and he goes on and on and on and on about her. which is interesting. way more then just filing me in on her personality. so i listen. she sounds awesome. 1st generation canadian-italian. a mature 20 year old. folks own a deli at home. he met her there 2 years ago. she’s taking a bookkeeping course and wants to run the deli when her folks retire to their [imaginary] Tuscany villa. she runs catechism classes for little kids. wants children, likes robbie williams a lot. and enrique iglasias. [good taste there].

and on and on. and that’s cool. it’s like he’s saying hey, i really like this girl so here’s everything about how awesome she is so you know that i’m really into her and so we can’t do anything. and that’s cool. but i’m keeping my back door open just in case “he doth protest too much.” which is funny but who knows. right?

but beyond that he’s a nice nice guy. and that’s worth alot.

so we keep talking and we get onto religion. which is where i learn the catechism word [above]. and he tells me about catholicism from his point of view and i talk about crazy fucked up born again protestantism and reverent agnosticism and loving, gay-friendly churches i know and unitarians i’ve met in my life. good times.

and i then mention this blog. and he likes his beer and so do i. so we pick up a case of Alexander Keith off-sales and head back to his room so i can show him my blog. but that’s all, he says! and i’m like, sure. no sweat. but in the back of my mind is the back door.

so we go back to his crappy motel room and he fires up the net and reads the first few posts of this blog. they start slow but get better.

he’s modest but i know his boner is there. yay! my back door is unlocked. and i’m just lying on his bed sorta trying to keep it from spinning by drinking more beer and waiting for him to read enough to wanna chat about it.

and by the time he gets to the dorm room sexual politics post he starts talking about sex. he says he feels comfortable talking with me about things, which is true. 🙂 i’m easy to talk to.

and he talks about how i’m pretty correct about lotsa the stuff in that post about boys liking to cum. and he says Vittoria knows that too and they’re good young catholics so they haven’t fucked, but he says she really likes to give him hand jobs. tons of fun for her, he says. and that’s cool. good for her. and him too! she likes to watch his face as he squirts.

and he says he agrees with my post about how masterbation is banned in the bible and that’s bunk because it really fucks up male-female relationships in society.

and the best part of the post he says, is the thing about girls inspiring guys when they’re masterbating for us.

he says he has never seen Vittoria naked. not her boobs i ask? he says he saw most of them once. sun dress, too loose bra. not her nipples? no he says. but he feels them on his chest enough. his answers at this point are cute. honest, to the point, but short. and answered in a way that says, ok next question at the end. so i keep asking questions.

have you felt her boobs? nope. would you like to? yes. ah too bad. marriage, he says, we’re engaged to be engaged he says and they can wait. then he says he wants to get more physical with her when they’re actually engaged, but he’s never brought it up with her. he just hopes it’ll go that way. i tell him he should bring it up in a talk. ya gotta talk about these things.

more questions. so you haven’t seen her pussy? no. tho he says he enjoys staring at it at her pool in her bathing suit. sunglasses keep her from seeing him just looooooooooking at it. i ask if he’s sure she can’t see, cuz girls often know alot more than guys think we do. and he blushes. and i’m like, hey, it’s a goooood thing if she knows you are looking at her pussy.

so you haven’t touched her pussy? no. her ass? yeah, he says she likes him to rub it.

so the 64 million dollar question: how do you live with the double standard. huh? she gives you handjobs, sees your cock, feels it, strokes it and makes it cum, but you don’t have the same access to her. he dodges the question by adding that she sucks it too sometimes. ok, nice. do you cum in her mouth? no, she doesn’t want to do that. so you have to warn her when yer gonna cum? yeah. dyou ever miss the warning? once. not good. she didn’t suck it again for a long time after that. just hand jobs.

so i go back to the big question. he’s like, well she’s really modest about her body and wants to save it for marriage for me. and he says he can respect that and cuz he does, he doesn’t wanna push that. even though you’d like to see her naked? yeah. and play with her body? yeah. and fuck her? yeah.

i see. then he says that she understands that boys like to cum. smart girl. so she knows that she should help him do that. that’ll keep his eye from wandering, she says. i say, yeah, but once she goes down that road with you, it tends to want to progress and not progressing could lead to wandering eye. he kinda nods at that one.

so does she masterbate? he doesn’t know. what? he says they never talk about it, like masterbating is a guy thing. IT’S NOT. i don’t actually yell it, but i’m emphatic. totally. that might be a problem. i hope she does, but it sounds like she might not. he says he also thinks she might not.

so i say the thing you liked in my blog post is that i think it’s a good idea for girls to strip a bit and rub themselves when boys are masterbating for us? yeah. and she doesn’t do that for you? no. but that’s ok, cuz he can sure get off without that, mostly cuz he’s imagining her naked.

yes. i see. [at this point i feel like a total therapist]

so i say i see your problem. what problem, he asks. 🙂

and i believe him that he didn’t know what his problem was. too cute.

so i say total matter of fact, dyou think i’m attractive? yes. ok, if you were single would you go out on a date with me? yes. would you kiss me if it came up? yes. and if we got all nasty would you go for me? yes, but he’s trying to stay celibate until he gets married. ah.

so yer a virgin? well, no. he had sex several times with a 2 girls in high school. [another person who got to enjoy sex in high school, unlike me. grrr.] were you any good? he says he thinks so. did you enjoy it? ya totally, except for feeling bad about it afterwards.

it seems the second girl he had sex with is the one he had most of the sex with. when they broke up, she broke it off. catholic guilt. she didn’t blame him or anything, she blamed herself [and in part him] but she could have said no. but he REALLY blamed himself. and he’s been celibate for years now. wow.

so i say, when you’re with Vittoria and you cum, is she always the one who makes you cum, or do you masterbate for her? and he says its just the handjobs and sucking. does she ever ask you to masterbate for her? no. dyou ever ask if she wants to see it? no. well, you should. 🙂 i know, he says. but you masterbate on your own, though, right? yeah, for sure. and what do you think of? her, us, sometimes other girls.

so, i say. i understand that you don’t want to fuck me, even if you wanted to…nice pause from him there…[back door]…but dyou want to masterbate for me? yes, i think i would, he says. ok. would you like me to inspire you? yes, he says. and then would you like to watch me masterbate? yes. then i say, i’d go first, but then you’d probly cum before i’m done and where’s the fun in that. yeah, he says.

so i move to the foot of the bed and he sits at the head, leaning against the wall and he opens his pants and pulls it out. nice cock. about 5 inches long, kinda thin, but well-loved. i can tell. and after a few seconds he looks at me. so i open my top and let him see my bra and i run my finger along my boobs and over my belly and thighs.

after a few minutes, he slides out of his pants and boxers and keeps going, more intently now. so now i start rubbing on my pussy over my jeans. and i take off my top and bra completely. and push my boob with my upper right arm. and presto, he cums. just beautiful! a bunch up his arm, lots on his shirt. some on his thigh. and a really rich moan. and a smile. wow, he says, i like your boobs. thanks, i say! me too, as do millions!

i hop into the bathroom to get a hand towel for him. dyou want me to? he says no, he’ll do it. 🙂

so we crack a couple more beers and i say you should tell Vittoria you want to masterbate for her. yes, i should, he says. and you dont’ even have to ask her to do anything for you. she just might no matter what. then you react based on what happens. yeah, he says.

so he’s quiet, so i say, my turn? he nods and smiles.

so he gets my ass-play moves. i hop onto the floor and face away from him and start rubbing my ass, then moving my hands into my pants to continue. i open my jeans and zip down then slide them down, and keep rubbing my bum for him. and he’s already starting to get hard again, about half way back to total boner.

so i pull up my panties and rub my cheeks. then i spread my legs and bend over to rub my crotch. you like, i say? yes, he says, with a scratchy voice.

so off go my panties and i rub my bum while showing him my ass and pussy. i’m quite wet now.

i climb on the bed and tell him we need to trade places. he sits at the foot as i lean against the wall and spread my legs for him. have you ever licked a pussy? no. ah, too bad…[maybe at some point to night he will].

i pour some beer on my nipples and slide it around, then lick it up. then i just go for my clit and start working it. after several seconds, i see he’s hard again and i stop my clit [masochist me i guess] and open my labia and slide a finger inside for a while. i see he starts rubbing his cock again. very nice.

then when my masochism kills me i go back to my clit and go until i cum. tons of fun. truly.

and during this i stopped watching him. he may have cum again, but i doubt it. he sure rubbed tho.

and by this time, we’re both quite wiped and drunk and i suggest we crash. we end up sharing the bed. i wear my panties and top and him in his shorts. all innocent [to a degree i guess]. 🙂

we set a wakeup call early enough for me to head home for new clothes before going back to campus. then we snooze.

twice i woke up. once, i felt his hard cock on my ass. i’m “sure” he was asleep, but if not, i’m cool with it. the other time i wake up, its his hand lying on the bed but beside my bum. totally innocent there. but i tell ya, i wouldn’t have minded waking up and a cock in my hand and a request to slide it in me. i’d take it.

and in the morning when the fone rings, i hit the bathroom and come back to see if he wants to shower with me. no touching if you want, just masterbating. he says sure. 🙂

once in the tub, i start with my boobs and can see he’s gonna need to go first. so i don’t think i’m gonna get to fuck him, so i say, hey, would you like me to suck you off? i don’t mind if you cum in my mouth. and in mid rub he’s like, yes ok please. so i kneel down and it doesn’t take long with his morning wood. he has a gentle, but powerful cock. i’m no deep throat sucker, so when he cums he tries to ram his cock down my throat. after a bit of almost gagging, i hold him back well enough to tease out his cum.

he is just amazed at watching me swallow it. a real turn on for him. so sweet.

so then i sit down in the tub and get him to point the crappy 99 cent shower head onto my pussy. the water’s nice but far from strong enough to make me cum, so i get to rubbing. after a few minutes, i ask if he’d like to learn how to suck me. i was sure he’d say yes. but he doesn’t. he says that would be too much. i can see some catholic guilt starting to creep ont his face. [or what i think is catholic guilt]

so on my own i have a nice, pleasant looooooooooong ten minute rubbing time before cumming. dyou like watching me cum? yes, he says. well, your homework is to make sure you get to a place with Vittoria, however long it takes, when you can watch her make herself cum. it’s an amazing gift to share. ok? yes, very good idea.

and the rest of our time that morning was quite cordial and not to deep. eventually i went home to change. we saw each other sunday a couple times and sat together for lunch at a table with some saturday night buds.

and when he got into his car to head back home, i said to keep in touch if he wants, however platonically he wants. and if he doesn’t want to, that’s totally cool too, but i hoped he would. and then i asked if i could put our night onto my blog. expecting hesitancy, he said yes. i was a little surprised, but quite happy.

hi “kevin”! thanks for this. i wish you well in your relationship. you deserve great happiness. and from what it sounds like, so does Vittoria. be well and keep in touch [if you want!]