Sex Tip #22: We Should All Charge for Sex

i was talking to a christian virgin in her 20s last week, the sister of a girl i teach with. she is good without intercourse. she has a firm line. she considers it an issue of personal integrity and morality. all fine.

but she loves being sucked and sucking so her morality doesn’t stop her from getting to third base. good girl. and she has the classic girl lament that once her boy cums, he has a hard time focus on her mere existence! 🙂

ladies first. has to be said. but, continuing on…

but she had something really interesting to say.

she thinks of sex as a massively powerful thing. and she figures that if girls choose to cease to be virgins before marriage [which she understands but doesn’t embrace herself obviously], she wonders why all girls don’t charge for it.

so she clearly doesn’t judge sex trade workers, but she also sees it like compromising a virtue being a very black and white thing. once you have sex you’ve crossed a line. you’re in another realm of virtue. different. and in her case, for herself: lesser.

but she figures that if she were to cross that line and have sex, she should charge for it. it is possibly the greatest currency of power in the human history. there should be no reason why she shouldn’t charge $500 for the honour of fucking her. note she didn’t say $50. she knows how to price commodities.

and then she went on to talk about things i agree with, like how marriage is in some ways “just” an economic arrangement where in the past, women became housewives and kept the home for the man and didn’t have to work but in exchange for all that economic value, she fucked her husband. and in that view, women weren’t sexual creatures, but cunts for receiving cum. turns out women actually like to fuck, but whatever. 🙂 only they didn’t have to swallow or even suck his dick after she had a ring on.

and i like this chick. she’s got it figured out. and she has a killer petite body. dragon boats, cross country skiing, part time vegan diet. i’d fuck her if i were a guy. and i may just pay $500.

last summer i saw her in her bathing suit, drunk, at dusk, at a campsite at a lake near whistler. i saw how poorly her bathing suit fit after several hours in it and after losing her ability to stand up straight 100% of the time. and i wasn’t the only one who noticed her awesomeness. and i know that she sucked at least one of the boys on our trip. deeply. so she’s got the game, as they say.

but to know, not just think but know, that there’s been NOTHING in her cunt, that’s just stunning. and if she were to let a boy inside her [well, that part of her], i could see that she’d want to be properly compensated for it. i know this because i’ve taken money, restaurants, clothes, hotel stays and wild rides in convertibles in exchange for fucking a guy.

so i told her about my various times being more or less a prostitute and she could totally relate. i didn’t tell her EVERYthing i’ve done sexually that had a payout [beyond the scope of our conversation], but i concluded with this idea: if a girl like this agrees with me on the economic and power nature of sex, i think i’m on solid ground.

in touch,



Why I’m Only a Bit of a Prostitute

Prostitution. I’m in favour. To not be is to be a hypocrite. But with limits.

Last weekend i spent a wonderful time in Kelowna. At the Delta. A big ass expensive hotel, with nice sheets. But sadly, not a view of the lake. For me anyway.

Technically, I was a prostitute. I was driven in the fellow’s car, had my meals and the room paid for [tho his business covered the room], enjoyed the gifts of lingerie and a summer dress, and got fucked a number of times in exchange.

I returned home with no $100 in my purse or anything tho. So technically… 🙂

But beyond technicalities, I hooked.

The guy was no stranger. He is the separated husband of a woman who taught at my school until last year. She was hard core in the micromanaging, cold fish, control freak way. She didn’t “get” students. And their need to not work 100% of their lives. They had been together for about 9 years. Married for  5. He got over her intensity and dumped her.

He works in branding/marketing. Two things I REALLY don’t like, but I like his body. And he’s really funny.

Over the weekend, I learned his soon-to-be ex was an intense fucker. Intense like at school. Liked to suck him till he came, then get him hard again and make him work her until she came. Sometimes more than once.

So I did a bit of that. He enjoyed parts of the weekend doing the exact same stuff he did with her, but with the difference being me and my body and my style. Same process, different content he called it. These marketing people, eh! 🙂

But my highlights were my times to explore what of him i’d always found attractive.

I wore no bra in the car and took off my panties on the highway. Did some rubbing in the car, of me, not him. My breasts and my clit.

And when we checked in i walked into the bathroom, into the shower, turned it on and wet me and my dress all up. And he fucked me all wet on the bed. That started the weekend well.

We got some room service and drank a bit, then he went out to the casino with some clients/marks.

Around 1130pm he phones me and asks if it’s ok to have some boys over to the room. I say sure. Committed to not fucking all 3 of them. And I didn’t, but I know that was a thing in his mind to see if it would end up there. Saucy man.

We all had drinks. They were generally polite, asking what I did, etc., but not so much about how me and “John” met. I guessed he told them, but I don’t think they know much about his marital past. New clients, or newish.

And then they left and I stripped and tied up John and gratified myself beside him on the bed while seeing if he’d cum. Nope. Good boy. Then I ordered pizza.

And while I opened the door only enough to bring in the pizza, John wasn’t so sure I wouldn’t fling the door wide open for delivery boy to see. Cue the porn music. I don’t know why he was worried. Maybe because that’s what I said I’d do with the door.



Whore, too.

Saturday, John’s is in conference/meeting/sales/branding/inspiration mode. I miss him all day. Sniff. I got shopping with his two . There are only 7,000 stores on Harvey. And one thing I love about the OK is that wearing a bikini around town, in the Subway, in the mall, is a uniform for some and not a problem for anyone [outwardly anyways].

And when I was in Sweet Dreams there were 3 girls [and by girls I mean 18-20] trying on things. One ended up quite high maintenance because each of the 3 of them and the staff sweetie all had different opinions about her “real” bra size. Clearly she had never had a proper fitting before. But after 19 million opinions she got some truth. 38C not 36D. That was fun to watch. But in the end she had to come to terms with not self-identifying as a D.

After the fitting and more hijinks and tryings-on, I mentioned to her in the corner how I’m a B. And while it’s not size that matters, it IS what you do with it. And I went into my stall and tightened up my bra one clasp and came back out and said that this difference makes a dull evening at the bar quite unpredictable. Then I went back in and loosened it to one clasp too loose and came back out and said, same for this. in a different way. It’s all about how you introduce your breasts to the world. And then I said I’d still fuck a penis regardless of which way it curves. FTW.

Anyway, I came away from there with this:

It’s a nice piece. Feels smooth. So picture this without the discrete bra and panty underneath it and that’s what i wore the rest of the weekend when we were in the room. Lots of access. And it got good and creamy.

Spent some time in the pool and sauna, got a bit frisky with myself in the sauna. That was nice. Then around 430pm John comes back to the room and I model my outfit for him. I ensure some time demonstrating the sheerness with which to see my nipples. And how I can untie the top to pull out a boob for him and rub a recently released cock head on it. And how I can lie back on the bed and push the skirt down to cover my cunt but not hide its terrain. And how I can sit on the back of the couch with one foot up there too showing how such a little skirt allows his cock to rub along my lips while I rub his balls. And how I can hold his phone and take a short video of his cock rubbing my sticky lips [not inside my cunt, mind you, because that would be fornication] and how for all day he hasn’t been able to fuck me that as i pull off the shoulder of my top and push his fingers onto my nipple, that he can cum on the outside my cunt and cream the skirt.

Then we dress for dinner, coMMANdo! With me in a navy sheer top over a cream cami and yoga skirt.

We came back to the room and slipped into the tub for a Me likey.

For breakfast, I sat on his face and he ate my cunt. Then I wouldn’t fuck him. Just kept saying no until it got so late we wouldn’t have enough time to get down to the restaurant to eat before his session. Cutting it close, I made him fuck me fast so we’d still be able to rush downstairs. But I took the poke up against the window with my yoga skirt up in the back, wondering how many people out there were drifting off to find a good local church. No one looked up and stared, though a few did glance up. They weren’t obvious though if their looks lingered.

After a quick tidy up we breakfasted and I swam and we checked out cruised a few girlclothes shops until I found a great summer dress with which to drive home in, coMMando! Of course.

He dropped me off and I felt nothing like a prostitute. I felt like a girl on more than a one night stand. It lasted 3 days, but it was much like a one night stand, which is usually not prostitution. Sure I got food, clothes, travel, rooms, uninterrupted naps, etc. but when i go out on dates, the fellow [only if he’s new] pays for dinner and a movie/play/cover and usually drives. And buys me liquor. And I either fuck him or i don’t.

Prostitutes have sex for money.

What’s the difference?

News Flash: Bible Doesn’t Reject Blowjobs and Anal Sex in Marriage!

ok, this one should be obvious, but let’s not judge people for asking sincere questions after all.

but here is a good question about where to go in the married bedroom:

QUESTION: “My wife and I love the Lord with all our hearts, and we don’t want to do anything to sin against Him. Our question is in the area of oral sex. Is it scripturally wrong for married couples?”

and the answer on the webpage is correct: the bible doesn’t forbid blowjobs or bum fucking. for married partners. and while the page has a link to onanism, and Sodomites, there is no godly or earthly reason why a man should not fuck his wife’s ass. and there is nothing against them in a healthy 69 escapade!

yay blow jobs and anal sex!

but here’s my commentary. the fact that good christians are so “led” to stop thinking for themselves that they have to ask such [and many other] questions is one of the things about conservative christianity i can’t deal with. obedience to the point of sacrificing one’s own mind.

now i’m not married and i love blowjobs and [more recently] anal sex. and i use my mind to determine that while unmarried i can partake of these delicious delights. and surely i’m going to hell for this, mostly because i’m unrepentant. according to the conservative church anyway.

but i’m not so conservative, so that’s ok with me.

in the end, the bible has no comments on my vibes, lubes, girlfucking, girls grinding on the dance floor at Lick, or what i do to my girlfriend in the tub.

we must use our minds, oh children of god! and let us pray that our bodies are aligned with our minds and we can figure out what is sensible without turning to the likes of the pastor at my childhood church, who really had his head up his ass.

i wonder what the bible says about that.

Kinda Teacher, Kinda Pornstar

it’s been months since i’ve updated anyone in here about the beings of this human. so here goes! hold onto your socks and dildos!

teacher training is harrrrrrrrrrrrd. more work than anything in my BA. more rewarding too tho. also more of a challenge to what i think school ought to be about compared to the big old imagination-killing factory it seems for many…even for elementary students. poor kids. but some of them thrive, those that don’t fit in!

the biggest challenge is how many special needs kids there are all over the classes and how little support the teachers have, wiht an aid in here now and then at best. scary shit. even kids with mild autism. i wonder if i’ll ever really be adequately trained to deal with them all!

finished my BA last spring and came back to vancouver. said goodbye to my boytoy-at-school and left him with his new gf/toy. they’re still together. i’m skyping a few times a week with my old housemates. sniff.

brought home my whore of a teenage gf diane. got a nice homelife going with me and her and buddy. by the end of summer she hooked up nicely in vancouver’s porn scene. did 3 scenes in the last 2 months. avoids the coke [good girl], takes the E and pot thank you very much and is doing ok. best scene so far: her 2nd, spread eagle against the window in a 6th floor Hyatt hotel room at dusk.

and i did my porn debut, kinda indirectly. the sound guy on her last film does his own amateur porns. he filmed me tied on our couch, blindfolded, with diane biting my nipples. for like 5-6 minutes. the shot was real zoomed in on my breasts, with the camera moving around a bit to see my belly, my chin, my arms, hints at my pussy [where she had her fingers, good girl again!].

then he played the clip in a loop on a tv beside the bed where he filmed the “real” porn with diane and a guy from that 3rd film and his partner.

very erotic, the whole thing. lotsa real actual pain during my filming, but watching me on the tv, knowing it was me, while diane filmed the rest of it all was just amazing. tingly really. but that was as adventurous as i could become…at least for my first time. as it all goes, i like the no/low budget amateur porn production experience more than watching the “real” porn production.

oh, and i put a cross on during the filming of my little scene within a scene. 🙂

that has to do with this:

aside from that i have 20 minute chunks of free time most days each week. usually i stare at falling leaves. i’ll try hard to login a bit more and keep updating the world. mhuah mhuah!

in touch,


Sex Tip #19: The Rest of Us Are Better Than Strippers

Ok, This is Tina and Holly tonight.

First the point: Christian boys…don’t bother with strippers. We know it’s exciting to think about going, but honestly it’s not worth it. Even if your Christian girl is not a supermodel body type, get her to strip for you. Trust us, it’s way better. And Christian girls…don’t be offended if your Christian boy wants to see strippers. Go with him. Even if he goes with friends. Learn what the boys are looking at. Learn what the strippers are doing. Then go home and do your own version of it. Truth. It’ll be good for you, especially because while the strippers cannot touch themselves or the patrons, you can. 🙂

OK, so the story is not to denegrate strippers. I know some feminists oppose stripping and others accept it. I’m of mixed minds on that. Holly is a whore and loves them all.

Gordon [previously Barry in here] finally got around to telling us tonight about the strippers he went to see a few weeks ago with his cousin from Calgary. It seems in Calgary everyone goes to strippers. 🙂

So they go to Brandy’s in town. Expensive, high class. Above a massage parlour. Lots of good dancers. Lots of bored looking dancers.

Holly and I went to the Cecil one night last summer. Same kind of show. Mostly boring. Mostly a hassle keeping the smelly old men off us and finding a way to get drinks from the not smelly young men without having to blow them in their cars.

And Holly went to see a Burlesque show earlier in the summer and built a big crush on a girl. As Holly tells it, she was short, plump like her, bigger bottom though, very breasty and a Katie Holmes bob cut. And she did her dance and strip and was mildly blushing. The whole time. And she was excited to be doing it all. Amateur exhibitionism. Quite a rush. Holly asked her if she wanted company to the after party. She said she was meeting her friends so probably not. A polite rejection we all concluded. Too bad. Holly got all hot.

So Holly thinks amateurs get into it better then pro strippers. Could be.

But Gordon. They’re out at this swanky place and they’re watching stags and [odd] stagettes flow through the place but all the while, there’s a group of a half dozen girls sitting on the rail in the front row. Half of them are bi/les as they’re into mild necking sessions here and there. And some of them are into putting a 5 or a 10 in their teeth and getting to rub their faces into the strippers boobs to pass on the cash. I didn’t think that was allowed. I doubted Gordon. He swears it was true.

Anyway, Gordon and his cousin were at times more interested in watching these young girls and the young boys trying to get into their pants, than watching the more dull bored strippers. And as he tells it…

But then something miraculous happened. One of the girls at the railing starts necking with a boy who seemed to have been hanging around them all night. The she kneels on his chair straddling him. Still kissing.

Then she’s back standing on the floor leaning her bum against the rail. And the fellow bends over, lifts her dress and starts licking her pussy. Clearly pushing her panties around and just sucking her off. And the girlfriends get all antsy at this, watching it all. As is everyone else in the place. Then they all get their coats and leave.

And as Gordon says, it was the climax of the evening. Few dancers after that little show could hold anyone’s attention in the same way. Eventually he left and came over to my place for some 1am cuddles.

The moral of the story: amateur exhibitionism is far more effective than professionals. Who seem to be banned by law from doing anything too risque anyways!

I sold my car…this isn’t a sex tip :)

ok, so i sold my car for a return flight from university back to vancouver for the summer.

one of my roomates bought it because he NEEDS it, and he does. i won’t judge. but not me. i’ve enjoyed my cross-country trips from the left coast to school, but i’m done now.

hurricane katrina helped me decide. so did al gore’s inconvenient truth. the inconvenient truth is that we shouldn’t even have cars, i think. regardless of what fuel we put in them. hugo chavez, the prime minister of venezuela said you’d have to plan corn on every bit of land in the world to get enough ethanol to fuel all the cars we drive. then what would we eat!

so i sold my car and i’m going to live car free. i’m sure i can do it. hell, most people in the world do it. and vancouver has a great transit system, despite what the whiny idiots say about it being too slow and expensive. sure it costs money, but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less then a car.

i mean i must have spent like $10,000 on my car in the 5 years i had it, that’s $2000/year and a 3 zone bus pass in vancouver is like $130/month, which is way less then $2000/year.

and the time thing. people are stupid about time. STUPID, i say! it is not money. it is not your life. being on tranist lets me enjoy my time to relax. hell, i lost my watch at wreck beach 3 years ago and never replaced it. time is a variable. if you let it control your life, you are a loser. that’s the truth.


sell you car. 🙂

it feels great!

in touch,