I’m back, after 833 years

so hi babies

i think id need like 333 posts to catch up on what’s gone on for the last several years from before the particular pesky pandemic

but whatever

i’m sleepy

i’m not in onlyfans

i still have sex parties

i am not a madame

i hire no sex workers

i have room for your cum

i still get prune fingers from keeping them inside some cunts for such a long time

i cum on cam

often for money

ive had 2 close calls with fellow teachers [thank the good lord jesus, not students] who thot they found this…i mean they did, but i deflected like a fucking naked sex ninja

i want 87 tatttttooooos

sometimes i crave a penis that is way too long, but only if i’m in charge

i don’t always insist on watching people fuck at my sex parties, only most of the time. i mean, if dude is going to squirt on his/her face, much of it ends up all over the fucking place and if i’m gonna clean up someone’s jizz, i’m going to watch it get produced

but i’m teaching in 8 hours, so i sleep now

backkkkkkkkkkkk soonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

in touch [doesn’t respect time]


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One response to “I’m back, after 833 years”

  1. I would love to shoot my cum deep into your good-girl Christian pussy…
    …if I can say that to a Christian girl as I hold her close and thrust my penis deep into her Jesus Girl pussy, which I know soooo wants to be fucked…

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